VIP Status (1000 Crowns)

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VIP status is granted to any player who has purchased a minimum total of 1000 crowns (~$50).

VIP Bonuses

  1. VIP Lounge Access - lvl 25/30/35/40 RD, high-rollers casino, 20% discount shop, discounted DoT room
  2. Crown VIP Training - Located in the VIP lounge. This is a wall-less RD, starting at difficulty lvl 50.
  3. Giving items - VIPs can freely give items to each other, including to one's own characters (stand next to someone, and type (give "item name" to "character name")

How to give oneself items

1. Log in to character 1, and head to the VIP lounge

2. Quit app (force quit, not log out).

3. Log in to character 2, and head to VIP lounge. This character 2 needs to be `right next to` to character 1, and can type "give (item name) to (character 1)".

The above is how to log into multiple characters on 1 device. You can also give items to other players.

You cannot give quest rewards to your other characters.

How to give money

1. drop coin purse

2. loot coin purse

3. give x gold to player y

Looting your coin purse while it's in your inventory automatically restashes the coins into the coin purse.