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This page is about the player race. For information about the monster, see Vampire (monster).


Vampires are powerful, nocturnal Undead beings who were once Human. They can shapeshift into bats, have a draining bite attack, are powerful at night and weak by day, possess many superficial abilities, and have peculiar dietary restrictions.

Vampires can only join the Mages, Ninjas, Archers or Axemen guild.


Statistic Value
Hit Points 45
Hit Points per Level 5
Spell Points 55
Spell Points per Level 5
Base Strength 120
Bat Form Strength 120
Skill Points 3.5 (3 on odd levels, 4 on even levels, 4 for 25+ milestone levels)
Innate Skills Level
Strength Skill 1 every 5 levels (5 @ level 25, 10 @ level 50). Currently not in effect.
Darksight 1 every 5 levels (5 @ level 25, 10 @ level 50)
See Invisible 1 every 5 levels (6 @ level 25, 11 @ level 50)
Nighttime Skill Bonus 20% boost to all skills at night (0% during the daytime)
Resistance Magnitude
Fear 50%
Cold 70%
Poison 70%
Death 100% (Immune)
Silver -50%
Fire -70% (-1% every additional level)

The Darkness spell offers sun resistance at min(10 * death / 4, 80)

You can increase your drain chance by training in Death, at 1% per skill point. The calculation is 20% + level/2 + death.

Bite WC starts at 20 and caps at 100. WC = 20 + level*1.6


Form Command
Human human
Bat bat


Vampires can only replenish their hunger by drinking blood or eating corpses. By typing "eat corpse" vampires are able to eat any corpse they stand upon. Vampires can see a list of their custom emotes with the "vampire" command.