Yojimbo's Pawn Shop

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Yojimbo's Pawn Shop

Loot token machine.png

Loot tokens can also be redeemed in Yojimbo's Pawn Shops found in taverns and blacksmiths around the world of Wyvern. Below is a list of the locations of those machines. There should be a total of 30; if you know of a location please add it.

Alaria Tavern (low level items)

Almien Tavern

Bandar Gaah Blacksmith

Bandar Gaah Monk Guild

Beitdag Auction House

Blackrose City Tavern

Davos Blacksmith

Davos Bed

Fae Wyston Blacksmith

Fae Wyston Mage Guild

Ghanar Fyr Tavern

Glacier Point Tavern

Havishfel Tavern (southwest outside city walls)

Isle of Maiye Lighthouse

Khaytsi City Tavern

Minath Auction House

Minath Blacksmith

Minath Paladin Guild

New Verden Blacksmith (low level items)

New Verden Pixie Dale Bank

New Verden Training House Bottom Floor

Noir Blacksmith

Oxbow Wildlife Sanctuary Souvenir Shop (45 squares East & 10 South from Stoneybrook)

Rakshasa Harmya Tavern

Stensele Blacksmith

Varak Tavern

Restricted due to Guild, Race, or VIP:

Eastern Arch Ninja Guild (Floor 15, 36 squares West & 23 North from Stensele, difficult to access for non-Ninjas)

Almien Archer Guild

Caveman Guild

Varak Axeman Guild

Vesimas Naga only - The Cobra Club

Minath VIP Lounge