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Ellina Suhandy

Ellina has been the game's primary artwork contractor since 2016. She has produced thousands of images for Wyvern, including much of the most familiar artwork, such as:

  • The banner artwork on the website.
  • All the game's player races and guild artwork (over 1000 images total)
  • Major remodels for several of Wyvern's cities and towns
  • Dozens of monsters
  • Many Hall of Fame images
  • Many hundreds of Builder Mode items, including all the new trees, scenery, and holiday items
  • All Sokoban-gear artwork
  • Artwork for all new item types added to the game since it returned in 2017
  • Many objects you see around town, such as the vending machines.

Ellina may not be the cheapest option out there -- but she produces uniformly great work. If you like her style, she's worth the price tag.


Here is a partial sampling of her artwork.

Dioxide giant.S.png Rhialto droid.png Sokoban rhialto.png Heqet giant.S1.png Nagalinh.S.png Catlinh.S.png Destinedyee.S.png Wifey giant.S.png Tiristana.S2.png Destinedyee.S.png Leafy.S.png Elflinh.S.png

Dreadclaw.S.png Onryo.S.png Hezrou.S.png Archangel.S.png Kirin.S.png Yojimbo.png Cthulhu.png

AlariaHospital.png AlariaChurch.png