Avendale Caverns

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North of Bura Shaan is a snowy mountain area called Avendale. It's full of Frost Wyverns, Frost Whips, Greater Ice elementals, Yetis, Snow Shoggoths,Ice cubes, Skulls, and Frost Skeletons so becareful. Go north of town through the doors. Take the passage Northwest. You'll be in a snowy forest now. There are 3 skulls here and they are the only ones in the area. Take the southwest passage. Traverse the area of ice cubes and frost whisps going south. Here you'll see a few shadow demons and a blue reaver. Go through the passage in the west and you'll come to an open area. There will be some whisps, a frost giant skeleton, and a frost wyvern up top. The cavern is on the bottom left of the map.