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Wyvern Client: The Button Bar

The Button Bar is a scrollable, customizable holder for up to 36 buttons that you can bind to commands.

Each button can be bound to any command you want. The button simply acts as a shortcut for something that you would have typed out by hand.

Some popular button bar commands include:

 * quit
 * who
 * ready spell whatever
 * cast whatever
 * unwield X ; wield Y

The last command has a semicolon (';') in it, meaning it is a multi-command alias.

To bind a command to a button (say, button 3), simply type:

button-bar N command

For instance:

button-bar 3 who

Customizing Images

You can customize the picture shown for each button. You can put any picture from the game on the button, as long as you are standing on (or next to) the thing whose image you want.

For instance, if you want a button for "cast summon demon", you could go stand next to a demon and use its picture for the button. To do that for button 4, you would stand next to the demon and type:

button-bar image 4 demon

It will automatically scale the image to fit in the button.

Other Options

There are various other customization options, including options for adding and deleting buttons, repositioning buttons, and using emojis. Type button-bar by itself to see a detailed help screen.