Choppery:Dwarf Axeman

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Rough Stat Progression

Level 10

Level 10
Axes 10
Find Weakness 5
Strength 4
Incantation 5
Meditation 2
Merchant 4

Level 25

Level 25
Axes 25
Strength 6
Find Weakness 20
Incantation 12
Meditation 2
Merchant 10

Level 25 with Racial + Max Guild Bonuses

Level 25
Axes 39
Strength 11
Find Weakness 25
Healing 5
Incantation 7
Meditation 2
Merchant 10
Blacksmith 9


Slot Item Preferred Enchantments Inherent Bonuses
Helm Helm of X-Ray Vision Agility + Armor Sees through obstructions
Chest Black Dragonscale Mail Agility + Armor or Enchant to +7 Grants Petrification Immunity and 50% Acid Resist
Cloak Elven Wizard Cloak Agility + Armor +1 Meditation
Gloves Gauntlets of Power Agility + Armor +2 Strength
Feet Any Boots Agility + Armor
Bracers Bracers
Girdle Girdle of Strength N/A +2 Strength
Weapon Battle Axe Speed + Accuracy
Shield N/A
Necklace Amulet of Death Protection Grants significant resistance to death magic
Ring 1 Ring of Iron Will Grants Fear and Confusion Immunity
Ring 2 Ring of Free Action Grants Immunity to movement-impairing effects


Rod-healing: Acquire 5-6 Rods of Medium Healing with an alias such as "apply heal; adjust rod 99" to rotate rods to the back and avoid cooldown issues.

Buffs: Potion of Strength (+5 brings it to 20 after gear effects), Elemental Resists depending on circumstances

Credit to Sesha/Ignignok, this was their build that I'm now working towards.