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The Time Keeper has locked himself away in a massive Grandfather Clock in the Mansion of Time in Davos. He needs you to delve deeper inside the clock to retrieve the clock key and set him free. The Time Keeper looks like a small stopwatch just inside the Grandfather Clock.

How to Solve

WyvernSource Guide

This quest consists of two mazes and a Sidescroller area that you must complete twice in order to finish the quest. The first area is the first maze, which you need to find the Portal Key in order to access the second portal to enter the Sidescroller portion of the quest. The key for both mazes can be found around the center, and the exits to the first maze are on the upper left and lower left corners. Once you exit the first maze, you will have to complete a Sidescroller portion of the quest that isn't too difficult, just avoid touching any of the small cogs because they will take you back to where you entered this area from. Once you enter the second maze, try to head towards the center of the maze until you find the Clock Key, and then return to the Sidescroller. Make your way back through the Sidescroller and through the first maze. Once you are back into the main area of the clock, tap on the time keeper to hand him the Clock Key and complete the quest!

Things to keep in mind!

◘Bring a light source!◘

◘Try to have at least 4 points in a weapon skill!◘

◘Do NOT leave the clock once you have the Clock Key - this includes logging out or using private jet, you must go back through the clock normally for the quest turn-in to count.◘