Cult of Aquator

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Quest Points: 50

Difficulty: Hard

Location: Vesimas & Omizara

Needed: 40+ Dodge, Fear/Confusion Immune, Free Action, Healing Method (Rods/Spell/Potions), Flying

Suggested: Endurance Potions (all), Blue Artifact DSM,

Challenges: Undine Warriors, Undine Mages, Skulls, Firedrakes, Red Dragons, Shoggoths.

Rewards: Medal of Honor


There is basically 2 parts to the quest. The first bit is to gain access into the city... However you can bypass this currently by simply walking up to the guards blocking your way to the city and type the command "kill undine". Put on a lifesaving amulet to avoid loosing exp and such. Once you die you will be inside the town! If you did the method of death then you can skip to the 2nd part!

The Holding Cell

Go to Vesimas, located South East a bit from Minath When you Enter Vesimas there is a Holding Cell direct North West of the entrance... Enter! Then continue down the stairs..

Tunnel Maze Video Guie


Quest Inside City