Eye of the Dragon

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WyvernSource Guide

Easy Quest, you don't even really need to fight anything (some may disagree on this last part- typical lvl 1-14 RD dungeon, so possibly shoggoths, dracolichs, etc., plus dragons in final room and wyverns in some of the quest maps).

Step 1: go to Varak

Step 2: go to the waterfall and apply it.

Step 3: Go North to the next map, and make your way northwest rather than east. east is a dead end.

Step 4: You'll come out of the cave and see lots and lots of orcs, head east where all the stone houses are then head north 2 maps. There will be a cave here that you need to enter.

Step 5: Don't go directly east as a demon lord lives there. Head north instead and enter the crevice.

Step 6: Take the stairs down, then take the southeast stairs down.

Step 7: Follow the maps until you see an enormous spider and a locked door. Type "say charge" beside the doors and the doors will swing open.

Step 8: Just follow the maps east from this point until you exit the cave and enter a town. Theres a lot of information you need from npcs if you're doing the quest without help but we can just skip it.

Step 9: Go north past the town, and enter the ruins.

Step 10: Enter the ruined Inn, and near the top right there will be a glyph on the floor. Stand on the glyph and type "outline" and you will be teleported to a new map.

Step 11: Follow the maps until you enter a room with 4 blue portals. Take the east portal. They all lead to random dungeons that end at lvl 15.

Step 12: When you get to the right portal, there will be a stone dragon as well as basilisks and floating eyes. Kill everything and loot the stone giant's corpse for the eye of the dragon gem.

Step 13: Backtrack all the way back to Varak, talk to the king. Congratulations you've completed the quest