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All characters have to eat/drink food every so often!

Each character has a hunger status bar at the top of the screen (in brown). This hunger status bar varies by race.

Wyvern Hunger Mechanics

A player can consume food to replenish their hunger bar by the nutritional value of the food item they ate. Alternatively, they can cast the Satiety spell to replenish their hunger bar without the need of food.

Players cannot consume food with a nutritional value that would overfill their hunger bar. Thus, a full hunger bar blocks the player from consuming any food that contains some nutritional value. As long as the player's hunger level is not 0, they demonstrate no unique behaviour. When the player's hunger level reaches 0, the player's character may move in the opposite direction that they commanded the character to move.

Food is not affected by being (cursed) or (blessed) and grants the same nutritional value.


Food may be obtained from a variety of methods. Food may be bought from a general store or a food store, or conjured by magic with the Create Food spell. Random food may also be obtained from applying the Horn of Plenty. The food that can be extracted from the Horn can range from something like a measly carrot to a filling K-Ration. The Horn of Plenty contains a large amount of food but can eventually run out of "food charges" and become useless, except to get a bit of coin by selling it at a store.

However, most simply, food can be found for free throughout the world of Wyvern. Food is inevitably present in regions infested by monsters, such as Random Dungeons, but may also be found in NPC Houses. For example, both the Khaytsi City Castle Kitchen and Alaria Courthouse contains a very large supply of free food.

List of Food

Location Food Appearance Nutritional Value
General Store Apple Apple.png 10
General Store Banana Banana.png 10
General Store Cram Ration Cram Ration.png 40
General Store Food Food.png 80
General Store K-Ration K ration.png 100
General Store Loaf of Bread Bread.png 40
Sokoban Magic mushroom Magic Mushroom.png 200
General Store Meat on a Stick Meat on a stick.png 50
General Store Salted Fish Fish.png 30
General Store ? <image of a SokoRation> ?
General Store Wine Wine.png 5
General Store Vial of Water <image of a Vial of Water> 1
General Store Orange Orange.png 10
General Store Mushroom Mushroom.png 8
General Store Carrot Carrot.png 5
General Store Coconut Coconut.png 14
General Store Tomato Tomato.png 8
? Everlasting Gobstopper <image of a Everlasting Gobstopper> ? (infinite uses)
Beitdag Binya Burger [[File:]]
Beitdag Binya Burger Fries [[File:]]
Beitdag Salmon [[File:]] 15
Oxbow Sanctuary Souvenir Shack Hot Fudge Dwarf Sundae [[File:]]
Oxbow Sanctuary Souvenir Shack Gummy Wyvern (Assorted colors) [[File:]] 1
Oxbow Sanctuary Souvenir Shack Ice Cream Cone [[File:]]
Oxbow Sanctuary Souvenir Shack Wizard Bar [[File:]]
Oxbow Snowdrift Shop Mug of Cocoa [[File:]] 15