Garignor's Amulet

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WyvernSource Guide

To start Garignor's Amulet quest you must first head to New Verden. Head to the right side of the map and the building should be the mansion with a sign beside it.

Head on inside where the NPC Garignor awaits.
Speak to him for quest details and he will ask you to find his lost amulet. Head on up to the right door and go north.)
It is advised to pick up the torch he left behind to help you light the way, as the forest is rather dark.
Keep going up until you hit this tree line, head east and follow the path till you see the tower.
Head on inside and you'll be greeted by some goblins.
After defeating some goblin baddies, head on up the stairs. 2 floors
You've reached the top. You'll be greeted by more goblins--Either defeat them or run around them to the next set of stairs.
Head on upstairs.
You'll be greeted by more baddies; slap them around and make your way around to find Garignor's lost amulet.
It right of the throne. Make sure to pick it up and head on back to Garignor.