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Halflings are a race of small people, much shorter than humans (3' tall). They are known for their love of food, drink, and good jokes. They possess the ability to move in complete silence. Despite their short stature, they are fierce creatures, adept with slings and thrown weapons. They are resistant to magic and poison.


1. tiny helmet (crown, hat, etc.)

2. tiny chestpiece (golden plate, robe, toga, etc.)

3. tiny cloak (cloak of bat, elven cloak, etc.)

4. girdle (or sash, if monk)

5. tiny boots

6. tiny bracers (or wrist wraps if monk)

7. tiny gloves (gauntlets, gloves)

8. weapon (1-h + shield or 2-h)

9. shield


Statistic Value
Hit Points 35
Hit Points per Level 4
Spell Points 70
Spell Points per Level 7
Base Strength 50
Skill Points 4
Skill Level
Sneaking 3
Hurled Weapons 1
Ranged Weapons 1


Tiny, and can only wear tiny armor.

See invisible at a close range.

Halflings can train up to 12 points in the Sneak skill. Only Leopards can train higher.

Hide (it can be invisible).