High Elves

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High Elves are slender and agile humanoids.



1. helmet (crown, hat, etc.)

2. chestpiece (golden plate, robe, toga, etc.)

3. cloak (cloak of bat, elven cloak, etc.)

4. girdle (or sash, if monk)

5. boots

6. bracers (or wrist wraps if monk)

7. gloves (gauntlets, gloves)

8. 1-h weapon + shield or just 2-h

9. shield


Statistic Value
Hit Points 40
Hit Points per Level 4
Spell Points 80
Spell Points per Level 8
Base Strength 60
Skill Points per level 3
Skill Level
Sneaking 2
Meditation 2


See invisible, radius 6.

High Elves are innately better and faster learners of the elemental magics than any other race.

The first 8 points trained in any elemental magic (fire, spirit, etc..) will yield 2 points trained instead of 1. Spending 8 skill points in fire element will yield a total trained skill of 16 in that element. This only applies to the first 16 levels (training 8 in fire yields 16 trained in fire, but the 9th skill point will only add one, for 17 total, and so on).

High Elves also get one extra Lore Point per level trained in the Lore skill.