Imperial Crown of Samhoc

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Imperial Crown of Samhoc
Samhoc crown.png
Item Slot Helm
Artifact yes
Level Required 16
AC 1
Type Gold
Bungle no
Enchantable no
Agi/Dura/Armor+ no
Rental Cost 1
Base Shop Value 200000
Effect +1 Incantation

+1 Enchantment

+1 Conjuration

+1 Evocation

+1 Life

+1 Death

+1 Mind

+1 Spirit

+3 X-ray

+3 Darksight

+3 see-invisible

Additional Info

This is the Imperial Crown of Samhoc. It can be found deep within the Castle of Samhoc underneath the throne. Short name is "ancient crown" if you find it unidentified.