Jewel of Besar

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The player must find the Jewel of Besar, an axe artifact stolen from the king of Castle Besar.

How to Solve

WyvernSource Guide

To begin, make you way to the Besar Castle, which is found in the top most part of the map at about the Wyvern’s ear if looking at a picture. Enter the castle and make your way to one of the corner towers. Go to the top floor and you will find a lightning rod. Type in “climb lightning rod” and it will transport you to the clouds. This is where you will need the cold/ shock resistance. You will also need confusion and paralysis resistance too because there are Will o’ Wisps as well as “cloud Serpents” which will also cast slow and blindness. Be careful here because if any part of your sprite strays into the blue colored floor tile you will be transported to a random location on the world map. You must make your way through the first map into the second one, in the second map you are looking for “a piece of paper” which usually can be found along the edges of the map in random locations. The only way to exit the clouds is to fall off and be transported onto the world map. There are three pieces of paper and four towers for you to climb the lightning rod.

Once you have collected all three pieces of paper, head to the South East tower and go into the basement. Follow through the portals, there are three and the monks guarding them will take your papers. Once you go through the third portal you will meet with the “translator”. You don’t need to talk to him, just pick up the scroll from the ground near him. Head through the multi colored portal to be transported back into the castle. Now go through the castle and look for the “Rare Amethyst Axe”. Sometimes it is in the same room as the scroll you found, or on the third floor next to “Bart”, but it also moves around randomly.

Once you have the axe, return to the throne room. Stand on the brown square in front of the throne and read your scroll. You will get a bunch of directions for you to follow. Start with the “A” set, you don’t need to follow them exactly, just get to the statue that it eventually leads you to (there are a lot of pointless directions that can be skipped). Once you get to the statue, apply it and you will be transported to the golem’s cave. There are more Will o’ Wisps here as well as dwarves. The dwarves will try and melee you and they also have a decently strong fireball. The amethyst golems cast Paralysis and hit very hard. Go through the first two maps, sometimes looking for hidden pathways through the walls, in the third you will find an Amethyst dragon. Tap on it to give it its axe and it will switch your axe with an emerald one. Use the multi-colored portal to return to the castle. Return to the brown square and read the “E” directions. Repeat these steps for Ruby ("R") and Sapphire ("S") axes, and once done return to the throne room.

Go through the castle and out of the north entrance, and in the mountains there will be a cave that looks like a mountain. Inside the cave, unlock the door with the Sapphire key given to you by the Sapphire dragon. There are all four types of golems and Will o' Wisps here but no dwarves. The Jewel is randomly inside the cave; grab it and return it to the king in the throne room.


  • Thunder Spiders
  • Cloud Serpents
  • Frost, Storm, Lightning, Ice Vortexes
  • Gem golems
  • Hostile Dwarves

Things to Keep in Mind

In order to complete this quest, you will need to be outfitted properly. For example you will need resistance to Confusion, Paralysis, Fear, Poison, Fire, Cold, and Shock. Having the ability to fly is also recommended, as well as having a decently high dodge and or AC. Being able to fly won't allow you to float above the clouds but will allow you to get back to Besar Castle faster. Rods are very helpful here, such as Sandstorm and Fireball. Recommended Minimum Equipment: Unicorn Horns, Scrolls of Flying/Cold/Fire/Shock resistance, Cloak of the Lion, Ring of Clear Mind, Portable Hole. There are better items to choose from, but if you are solving this for acceptance into the guild these are the cheapest items.

When getting the pieces of paper go slow and steady and make sure you are not tapping onto a spot that isn't entirely white. Kill the enemies from afar to prevent the urge to flee and end up at the edge of the cloud.

Each golem map has Wisps and Dwarves and unique golems: Amethyst cast Paralysis, Emerald cast a strong poison, Ruby cast Fear and Sapphire cast confusion.


Twenty quest points, Blacksmith Gloves (which can only be worn by those who completed the quest, gives +3 to blacksmith skill), and eligible for the Axeman guild.