Jinoir's Sapphire Ring

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Jinoir, a townswoman in Glacier Point, has lost a precious ring that must be found before her husband arrives home. Can you help her? You can find Jinoir in the housing district of Glacier Point.

How to Solve

1. Go to the ruins located west from Glacier Point.

2. You should see some buildings and piles of debris.

3. Collect a total of 9-12 sapphire keys from these buildings (only 7 will work, so even if you find 7 sapphire keys, some of them may not unlock the doors at the end of the quest). Area is not instanced so someone else can get the keys. Buildings where one key always spawn:

Key is in ruined bureau
Key is in the top right corner
Key is in a ruined bookshelf on top left corner
Key is on the top left corner
Key is on the top right corner
Key is in a bookshelf
Key is on the left side of the room
Key is in bookshelf
Key is on the right side of the map under a barrel

The 10th key has a chance to spawn in one of these buildings:

Key can be below bookshelf located on the top right corner of the room
Key can be found easily here
Key can be under the barrel
Key can be on the middle/top right of the room
Key can be below the recycle bin

4. Once you have all the keys, go to the upper left corner of the ruins and go west two maps.

5. Go to the top left of the map and enter the ruined building. Look underneath the bookshelves; move all the barrels to try to find a message in a bottle with a password. The password may be "pilfer" or "sneak" or "rogue" or "filcher" or many more.

6. If you can't find the bottle, go down 8 levels in the RD until you reach a room with barrels.

7. Get the password by moving the barrels or checking inside the bookshelf.

The password is in the bottle

8. Go back up and leave the thief's building and go down to the bottom left of the map.

9. Give the password you received to the guards.

10. There is a small maze. You'll have to find some stairs leading to a puzzle with barrels.


11. Once you go past the puzzle, use the sapphire keys until you reach a room with a ring. You may have to use the 'unlock' command on the last door.

12. Get the ring and go talk to Jinoir whom resides in the Glacier Point housing district to complete the quest.

Jinoir's House



Frozen Skull

Blue Dragon

Greater Ice Elemental

Frozen Medusa

Frozen Dracolich


Things to Keep in Mind

Possible passwords are: stealth, hidden, rogue, lockpick, pilferer, sneak, black, bandit, or filcher

Keys can be hidden in bookshelves, ruined bureau or barrels

Only 7 sapphire keys work

Area is not instanced so someone else can get the keys