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Kiz requests that you help the mage Hollivar with his experiments. Hollivar lives in a little shack to the south of New Verden.

How to Begin

Go to Holligar's Hut between New Verden and Alaria, then enter the portal inside. Note that the hut is just off the dirt road leading east from New Verden when it forks, not south.


In the dimension past the portal your character controls similar to in the Clockwork Wyvern quest. You will appear in the first level, and when you reach the end you will receive a quest point and go to the next level.

Level 1

This level is straightforward. When you get to the earth wall and the platform that goes below it, you want to jump onto the platform when it is to the left of the earth wall, then immediately jump again to appear to the right of it. Jump again to land on the platform, unless it is higher than you, then you will land on the whirling portal. Once on the platform, you want to jump out from the middle and right before it hits the bottom to avoid hitting the wall and going to the lava. From there climb on the steps to get to the end.

Level 2

Once you get past the first half of the ladders, drop down at the right, jump right to the ladder at the right, then drop down to the left to get to the ladder right above the lava. From there you can jump through the two ladders to the right and land on the chest. Climb all the way to the top and jump left, and do the same to the get to right ladder. From there just avoid the whirling portals to get to the end.

Levels 3 to 5

See Below50's walkthrough here


  • If you are struggling with this quest, complete the Clockwork Wyvern quest first
  • Remember to tap northwest or northeast to jump, and that jumping can take you five squares from where you jumped, after that you just fall down.