Mist Temple

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Accept this via Alaria mission board!

The player must obtain an amulet and bring it to the monk on the second floor.


Resists are optional but are quite helpful on this quest.

1. Fire resist is most necessary, since all mobs will have db or fire spray, etc. 2. Bravery / Paralysis / Slow resist 3. Cold (floating eyes) 4. Fly (to fly over lava, and there are traps everywhere)


  • 1 Demon Lord (d-ray, blizzard, fire recoil, dragon breath)
  • 1-2 Shoggoths (acid recoil)
  • 15-20 Skulls (fear, slow, paralysis, dragon breath)
  • 8 wyverns (strong dragon breath)
  • 1-2 Giant spiders (paralysis, poison)
  • 10-20 Fire/greater fire elementals
  • 5-10 liches
  • 5 Fire bats
  • 10 Floating eyes


After entering the Mist Temple, head to the top right of the room and go up the stairs. Talk to the wizard/mage in that room and select all the options. Head back down to the ground floor where all the monks are. Talk to the monk in the middle of the room. This monk will prompt you for a password, the password is "key", he will give you a key. At the top left of temple there will be an entryway to the basement. It will be a small simple maze. Find wooden door, and use your key to unlock it. There will be an iron key beyond the door, pick it up, you'll need it. Head downstairs.


Map will have 4 false angels and 1 wyvern beyond each locked door. Have bravery and fire resist, and open the levers in sequence.


Find portal in the cave. The portal is random, and will be in one of the 4 maps. There will be skulls, fire elementals, a couple dracoliches and liches, 1-2 shoggoths, and giant spiders. You can run past them if you're fast enough, and run to the portal. Or you can kill them all.


Lever puzzle.

step 1: Push barrel onto top switch of left column. This will unlock the gates to the top left of the map. Push a barrel on to the two switches inside then. That will unlock a gate to the bottom left of map. Keep doing this until all switches beyond the gates have barrels.

step 2: Move barrels to cover the 3rd button from bottom (counting up) of left column of switches, and 3rd, 7th, and 9th button from bottom of right column.

If a barrel gets jammed to a wall, you can still finish the quest by figuring the non-essentials switches from the inner rooms. Trial and error will do it. People have done it even with accidentally pushing 2 barrels against the wall.


Next map will have fire and earth elementals. You can kill them all, or run toward the bottom of the map. If you plan on running, have boots of fire walking or fly ability.

second map has fire bats, fire elementals, and floating eyes. You need to run to to the bottom of the map to a portal.


This map will have liches, skulls, and floating eyes. You have to kill everything before entering the final room through a blue portal (it won't allow you to progress otherwise)

Note: The is a bug in the Mist Temple quest. Monsters can randomly spawn in the North-Eastern enclosed area that cannot be accessed. You must kill them with destruction, or wait for the map to reset.

Wyvern mist temple bug Screenshot 20210122 232510-1.png


Last map has a Demon Lord and a couple skulls. Run to the top of the map and click the throne, and pick up the piles of bones. Then die and respawn back to the temple or run back. Don't log out because you'll lose all your quest items.


Return bones to mage on second floor of temple (stairs are top right of map) of the first map of the mist temple, the one you got the key from.