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Gallawful the Goblin has stolen Florinia's Moon Crystal. Head to Alaria to help her recover it. The quest is recommended for levels 4 and up. 3 Quest Points.

Before You Start

  • A light source such as a torch or glowstones will be helpful for the glass maze.
  • It is highly recommended to accept the quest via the Alaria Mission Board, as you will receive rewards, such as gold, experience, and loot tokens.

How to Solve

Method 1 (Preferred)

  1. The quest is located in Alaria. If you are starting from New Verden, exit the town and follow the dirt path to the right. When you reach a fork, go north, then right of the bridges and up into the city.
  2. Apply the Mission Board and accept the Moon Quest mission. You can then follow the compass which will guide you through the quest.

Method 2

  1. You will want to find Alaria. Read #1 under Method 1 to get there from New Verden.
  2. Go to the bottom left side of the map, and you will see a treehouse with a pink gem on the sign. If you talk to her, she'll tell you Gallawful the Goblin has stolen her Moon Crystal. You do not need to talk to her to start the quest, however this is where you will return her gem.
  3. You will need to go the the Alaria Inn, which is the first building you encounter upon entering Alaria.
  4. Once entering the Inn, go to the bottom left room. There is a hidden staircase under the bureau. Push the bureau aside to reveal the staircase and go down.
  5. You will now find yourself in a glass maze. You will need to navigate your way to the next staircase. A light source is recommended, such as a torch. Once reaching the staircase, apply it.
  6. Now, you be in a room with a fountain and a firewall. You will want to drink the water from the fountain, so click the "Send Command" icon and type drink and press Send.
  7. Once the firewall goes down, take the bone key by tapping it and exit the room by going back to the maze. You will need to navigate your way out of the maze again.
  8. When you leave the Inn, you will want to go to the east topmost part of the map. You will use the key you just found to enter the mansion. Go up to the stairs and to the clock.
  9. Enter the clock by applying it. The clock will be broken until the time is on the hour (Wyvern time, every 5 minutes).
  10. Once entering Gallawful's lair, kill him and loot his corpse for the Moon Crystal.
  11. Exit the lair and mansion, and take the Moon Crystal back to Florina's Gem Shop. Tap on her to return the gem.

Image Gallery

Florinia's Gem Shop, bottom-left side of Alaria.
The hidden stairs in the Alaria Inn. Tap the bureau to push it to the side so you can go down.
Glass maze that leads to the room with the bone key.
Alaria Mansion. You will need the bone key to enter.