NagaLinh's Dolls

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How to Solve

1. Go to new verden. Go 2 maps south then keep going southwest until you reach a map with a pixie saying welcome to Dale.

2. Enter the third mushroom house, go to the top floor and get a doll bag from the red Doll Basket Dispenser.

3 Now you'll have to buy all 44 dolls. Both male and female. Each shop has 2 spots that dolls can spawn at. When you have all 44 dolls, go back to the house where you got the bag and talk to NagaLinh to complete the quest.

Davos (Tavern) - human fighter doll (tanned)

Minath (General Store) - high elf doll

Corran (Magic Shop) - human ronin doll

Bandar Gaah (Shop) - lion doll

Havishfel (Village Store) - storm giant doll

Bura Shaan (Magic Shop) - frost giant doll

Blackrose (General Store) - human fighter doll (fair)

Varak (General Store) - dwarf doll

Almien (General Store) - wood elf doll

Stelense (General Store) - leopard doll

Khaytsi (General Store) - halfling doll

Rakshasa Harmya (General Store) - panther doll

Fae Wyston (Magic Shop) - human spellcaster doll

Glacier Point (Magic Shop) - tiger doll

Ghanar Fyr (Village Store) - human sorcerer doll

Stoneybrook (Magic Shop) - stone giant doll

Ancient Vesimas (Guff's Magic Shop) - naga doll

Alaria (General Store) - human priest doll

Iss'rano (Village Store) - fire giant doll

Minath Elion Caravan (Gypsy Jewelry Store) - dark elf doll

Isle of Maiye (Fae Maiye Magic Shop) - pixie doll

Lady/Male Kalidemon dolls are in RD shops