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Panthers are a breed of Rakshasas which are demonic beings, descended from an older race from ancient times. While ancient Rakshasas could assume the form of any animal, the modern Rakshasa has lost its ability to shapeshift, and they exist only in the form of powerful warrior cats. Because of their claws, Rakshasas are clumsy with wielded weapons, and they vastly prefer unarmed combat. Rakshasas are proud and solitary creatures. Quick to anger, quick to forgive, and extremely loyal, they embody the noble warrior spirit while maintaining their demonic heritage.

Panthers are the most accomplished in the magical arts. They make especially powerful Mages, because as they weave their spells, they can also use their sharp claws to shred enemies who approach too near. Panthers can see the best in the dark, and generally require no light sources when moving underground.


Statistic Value
Hit Points 50
Hit Points per Level 4
Spell Points 80
Spell Points per Level 8
Base Strength 80
Skill Points per level 3
Skill Level
Jump ??
Unarmed Combat 4
Dodging 1
Sneaking 4
Axes -7
Blades -7
Blunt Weapons -7
Hurled Weapons -7
Pole Weapons -7
Ranged Weapons -7
Staves -7
Swords -7
Whips -7


Strong darksight.

See invisible at a close range.

Rak Panthers can train to 12 in the Sneak skill. Only leopards can train higher.

Rakshasas have extra atmospheres, which they can view using the cat command.

Rakshasa Panthers do not lose Unarmed skill in the Mages guild.