Pirate Island

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How to Solve

WyvernSource Guide

Head to Stensele, which is South of Almien and east of Stoneybrook.

Once there enter the town, and head to the northeast corner of the map to the skull cave found there.

Go north through this map and the next one, the biggest enemies will be pirates/ pirate captains. You will be in a pirate “town”; the only place you need to go is to the “Mansion” which is located in the south easterly portion of the map.

Once here you will find a bunch of pirates and a pirate king, you need to attack/kill the pirate king so he will start to chase you, once he moves you can move his throne and go down the stairs that were underneath it.

Once under the throne you will see a firewall to the south, run through it and pick up the key from the other side. Head back upstairs and go into the room that’s towards the south of the big pirate king room, move the bed and underneath you will find more stairs, go down those.

Once in the basement there will be random low-mid level RD monsters generated here.

Make your way as far east and south as you can, you don’t need to pull any levels/ go through any gates. In this next map there will be more of the same type of monsters, make your way west as far as you can, then go south. There will be a branch of the tunnel that says “Danger…blah blah…” avoid that area, there is no need to go down that path, it’s a treasure room with A draccolich and a frozen draccolich. Go past that branch and head south, this will bring you to the “Hall of Confusion.”

This part of the quest is perhaps the most aggravating, because it seems nearly impossible to figure out on your own.

But head south and east, before going into the bigger room from the tunnel, stop. Type in: se;ne;e and you will avoid hidden teleporters that bring you back to the beginning, behind a hidden wall to the right of where you started, instead you will be teleported to the next map where there is a portal in the same “room” as you.

Once you find the portal, this is where you should get your fire resistance, there are two wyverns on the other side of the portal. You don’t need to kill them, just make it past them to the stairs that are directly south of the portal and the doorway.

Once you make it to the stairs and go down them you will be in an RD.

Go down ten floors of the RD, don’t worry it doesn’t get very difficult, and you will find yourself in a vault with two green dragons and a drunken pirate.

The pirate asks for a password. It is "oppna" (you get it from talking to monk who was kidnapped, on one of the ships outside) OR kill him and bust down the door. The dragons and the firedrakes past the door will not attack you if you don’t attack them.

Once in the vault, I turned off my autobag gems just in case, it may not mess things up but I didn’t want to chance it. Pick up the black pearl, and the rest of the loot and make your way back to the surface.

Once you are back into the hall of confusion, just hit one of the random teleports to be teleported behind the fake wall in the beginning, or you can look for a lever behind one of the doors (it was on the top row towards then end for me).

Go all the way back to the town level of Stensele, where you found the skull cave, and head back to where you came in from the world map. Head to the pyramid from there, and go all the way in to the east, and into that map, you will see a monk next to a broken display case, tap on him to give him the pearl.


Pirates (Argh, matey!)

Random mid-level RD monsters

Things to Keep in Mind

Resists that you will need are mainly confusion/ paralysis and a little bit of fire resistance which can be obtained by drinking a potion/ reading a scroll also flying can be used but is not extremely vital.

Be careful with autobag gems once you get to the vault at the end.