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Pixies are tiny, magical, winged creatures.


Statistic Value
Hit Points 20
Hit Points per Level 2
Spell Points 120
Spell Points per Level 12
Base Strength 40
Skill Points per level 3
Skill Level
Dodging 3 +1 per every 2 levels
Meditation 2
Lore 1

Abilities and Spells

Innate Flight

Confusion Immunity

Paralysis Immunity

Can overlap monsters when flying

Magic Dart


Pixies regenerate twice as much mana as other races per level of meditation. e.g. 5 meditation pixies will regen 10mp every 5 seconds while other races will regen only 5mp.

Pixies have the second highest attack speed ratio of all races, right behind DarkElves.

Pixies can train up to 12 points in the Sneak skill. Only Leopards can train higher.