Rachel's Cat

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Rachael is in need of your help. Her cat is missing! If you'd like to help Rachael, go to her small house on the west side of New Verden.

How to Solve

Method 1

  1. Go to the Mission Board in the Adventurers Guild (New Verden).
  2. Accept the Rachel's Cat quest.
  3. Follow the compass at the top of your interface. It will lead you to Rachel's house.
  4. Talk to the old lady, Rachel.
  5. Follow the compass once again. Once the eye symbol shows up, you will need to look for Rachel's Cat. It is a calico cat that glows and has a yellow ring around it. It is best to corner the cat in one of the corners. Upon doing so, tap the cat.
  6. Return the cat to Rachel. You may follow the compass again once more.

Method 2

WyvernSource Guide

In NV go to the small house in the upper west side; continue until you find Rachel and her forest. It is dark here and there are wolves. Wolves are the only danger. Rachel’s cat will be the tricolored calico one; white, black and orange. Once you herd the cat into a corner (yes it is as annoying as that sounds) pin it there and type into the command prompt which direction you want to go (ne, se,sw,nw, it will always be a diagonal) followed by a semi-colon and get cat (for example nw; get cat). Aliasing this to a key (only possible with a keyboard) is recommended. Return the cat to Rachel.



Things to Keep in Mind

Bring a light source - it is dark in the forest! In each of the 9 maps, the cats spawn in the center. If you rush into the center everytime you head into a map, you will see where Rachels cat scurries off to. This works 100% of the time.