Ruins of Samhoc

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An old man just outside of Samhoc is asking for his lost amulet to be returned to him.

Before You Start

  • You will want a light source.
  • A decent amount of sneak.
  • Resistances (see the list below).
  • Rhialto has recently instanced the entire area, so you do not have to worry about people interfering with this quest.
  • It may be easier to do the quest with one other person, as you can use each other's instances to look for the keys you need.
  • You may find duplicate keys. However, you will only need one of each key.
  • Keys do save upon exit of the game.


  • Bravery
  • Free Action
  • Resist Fire
  • Resist Cold


  • Liches
  • Skulls
  • Dracoliches
  • Arch Dracolich (you will not need to fight this)

How to Solve

Enter the Ruins of Samhoc and take note of all of the structures in the area. Even the small pillars can act as structures! There are five keys that you must find in order to solve this quest. They are Jade, Ruby, Gold, Wood, and Iron, or just make sure you have five different keys in your inventory with orange names. Enter every building in Samhoc and explore them until you find a key. Keep in mind that the spawn areas of these keys are completely randomized. Once you have all five keys, enter the castle of Samhoc. The first room has a few skulls but is pretty straightforward. Head north and pull a lever to gain access to the second room. Once you're in the second room, kill the two skulls in the entrance and pull both levers. From the entrance of the second room, you should be able to notice two archways on the left and right side of the entrance that you can walk through. Go through the EASTERN door and keep going east until you go through an invisible wall in the castle wall on the bottom right hand side of the screen. You will have to move southeast through the lowered gate and down the stairs where you will find five locked doors. Use the keys you have gathered to unlock these doors until you recover the amulet at the end. Give the amulet to the man outside of the city to complete your quest!

If you explore the second room of the castle, you will find a lever by a zombie dragon that opens the center area of the room where an Arch Dracolich (AD) is being held. AD's are monsters that level 20+ players should fight only with the proper planning. If you're solving this quest to be able to enter the Mage's Guild, chances are you cannot even kill the normal Dracolich's in the room. Do NOT attempt to fight this monster. There is a Crown of Samhoc artifact at the bottom of the stairs on the other side of the AD that some players have ran past it in order to grab. The risk is not worth the reward in this case.