Spell of the Swamp Witch

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The Swamp Witch wants a rare gem. Look for her near Rakshasa Harmya. This quest is 10 Quest Points.

Before You Start

  • Have a method to dispel poison (Unicorn Horn, Dispel Poison)
  • A method to pick locks (Knock, Sneak [with lockpick].)

How to Solve

WyvernSource Guide

  1. You will want to find Rakshasa Harmya on the World Map. If you have a map, you can use the "map" command to either look at the image or the coordinates of the area. If you choose to use "Locations," Rakshasa Harmya is listed as "Jungle Ruins." You may also use the Department of Transportation to get there.
    • If you started in Rakshasa Harmya, go one map down.
    • If you entered from the World Map, head North for two maps.
  2. Head east across the bridge that leads to the jungle in the east.
  3. Travel east through the jungle 2 maps until you see a dark green entrance to the swamp in the northeast.
  4. Once in the swamp, kill swampbeasts until one drops a fresh tentacle.
  5. In one of the swamp maps (near the middle) there will be a path going south. Take it.
  6. Continue south until you see a small hut. Enter the hut and click on the Swamp Ogre to give it your fresh tentacle and receive a dried tentacle in exchange.
  7. Exit the swamp. Go west out of the jungle and back across the bridge. Go north to enter Rakshasa Harmya.
  8. In the town, go to the east side of the map. On a small island find the lone Raksasha Hunter. Exchange the dried tentacle for a butterfly in a jar by clicking him.


Ring of the Raven