Stone Giants

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Stone Giants are a race of large humanoids. They are highly resistant to petrification, can dig through walls as fast as dwarves, and are vulnerable to confusion and paralysis. While stone giants move and attack more slowly than any other race, the power of their blows has been known to send dragons scurrying in fear.


Statistic Value
Hit Points 90
Hit Points per Level 11
Spell Points 15
Spell Points per Level 2
Base Strength 190
Skill Points per level 3
Skill Level
Blunt Weapons 4
Earth Magic 0
Fire Magic -2
Air Magic -2
Water Magic -2
Mind Magic -2
Spirit Magic -2
Life Magic -2
Death Magic -2
Magical Arts -1


  • Giant, and can only wear giant armor.
  • Can wield two-handed weapons with one hand.
  • Immune to petrification.
  • Giants can only train 5 points in the Sneak skill.