The Forest Warlock

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The forest warlock, keeper of Botanica, has gotten himself into quite the mess. Make your way through the forest in Botanica, North of Blackrose City, and see if you can help him. 4 points.

Be sure to accept this via New Verden Adventurer Guild mission board!

How to Solve

WyvernSource Guide

Head to the Warlocks forest, which is east and a little south of Tournam castle (Botanica on your maps) once there go North then west and west again until you enter a map with wolves in it. The Warlock is through the Northerly passageway . Go north one map, east one map, south, then east, then north, then north, then west. Get used to that path. Talk to the thing by the altar (it’s the warlock he will have a random shape). You have to say yes to get him to say which flower he needs.

Once he tells you what item he wants head back through the forest, just go south to get out. Once you leave the area with the wolves, look for which ever flower he wanted, it will randomly let or prohibit you from collecting from any given plant. The only difficult items to find are magic mushrooms, which are inside of the hollow logs. He will send you out to collect ten or so different flowers. Dangers include: Wolves and there are two different types of plants that will attack you, A skinny Venus fly trap looking one and a pink bell one, both have poison and decent melee (lower then level 10) but are stationary, just avoid them if you can’t kill them.

The only other dangers are the enemies you will face inside the hollow log, which may include slugs, red worker ants, and giant spiders. You may avoid these as well by running directly to the mushrooms in the center of the area, picking them, and leaving.




Things to Keep in Mind

If you can't kill the flowers, just avoid them. They are stationary.