Tornaum Castle

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King Tornaum's sceptre has been stolen. It is believed to be at the bottom of a deep dungeon beneath Tornaum Castle. Suggested level: 10+ This quest is worth 15 Quest Points.

How to Solve


To start Tornaum Castle go to the top right room in the castle and grab the club from the bookshelf. Then proceed to the middle of the castle and go down the stairs. When in the jail cell area apply plants until you find the lever. Then proceed to the open cell and apply the lever inside. This will open up three cells that each have a Random Dungeon (RD) in them. Proceed to the bottom each RD until you find the one that has a sign reading "Those who have committed crimes against the World of Wyvern are housed here."


The sewer you want will have golems inside of it instead of Evil Eyes or Minotaurs like the wrong RDs have. When you've made it to the right dungeon proceed to the right side of the map. You will have to fight Undines if you wish to go around the Lichs and Shoggoths. On the other side of the cells unlock (or smash) the door to the left and enter the dragon cells. There will be a blue key inside one of the cells. Use the blue key on the door to the right that is guarded by Iron Golems and type unlock in the command prompt to open the door. After opening the door rush through the underwater area (you don't need to kill anything in here) and find the giant. Give the club from the king's room to the giant and you will receive a big club. Exit through the top of the giants room and enter cave.


Inside the cave you will see a lot of breakable walls and smash your way around until you find a stone giant. When you find the stone giant give the big club to him and you will receive a scepter. Exit the smashing cave and proceed to the bottom of the grassy area and you will return to Tornaum Castle.

There are a total of 11 maps in the cave. The first map you enter is connected to 5 other maps, numbered clockwise from the bottom left corner. Maps 1 and 2 are along the left wall, 3 and 4 along the top, and 5 is along the right wall. Each of these inner maps is connected to one more map. Again the numbers increase clockwise from the bottom left corner, so map 6 is connected to map 1, 7 is connected to 2, and so on. The stone giant can spawn in any large, square clearing, and each map has around two of these clearings.

You will not be able to use wands, rods, or offensive spells to destroy the walls. A strategy for non-melee characters such as mages or archers is to get a weapon with a high attach speed and use rings that give you skill points in that weapon class. Some mages can also use magic whip to destroy the walls.


Give the Scepter to the King and you will complete the quest.


Tournaum Water.png Unlock.png

Things to keep in mind!

◘Bring a light source!◘

◘Bring X-Ray Vision (helmet)!◘

◘Bring something to smash blocks!◘

◘Bring fire and cold resistance!◘

◘Bring lock-picks, or a means to open doors!◘

◘Make sure to grab the club before going in the RDs!◘

fly spell and water breathing spells/potion/scroll