Tower of Conundrum

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A pixie got kidnapped and is being trapped at the top of the tower floor 15. Make it all the way to the top, killing enemies and solving riddles.

Before You Start

  • Beware of anti-magic traps. They're are numerous on each floor.
  • If your accent gets in the way of answering a riddle, use the "nofilter" command.


  • Bravery
  • Free Action
  • Fire Resist
  • Cold Resist


  • Pixie Traitors

How to Solve

  1. You will want to go to Isle of Maiye. You can find a teleporter in Minath DoT.
  2. Enter area. You will want to go South into the next map (two maps if entering town on foot).
  3. You will notice two pixies standing outside a ruins. This is the Tower of Conundrum. Enter.
  4. Before going up the stairs, you'll see "Inbrum's Scroll." Pick it up and proceed into the next few rooms.
  5. On every other floor after the first three you will reach a Pixie. She will give you a riddle and you will have to give her the correct answer. The alternate floors will be a mix of pixies, skulls, lichs, and golems (lead, iron, and diamond). One of the pixies will have a key that you need to loot to open the door to get to the stairs.
  6. When you get to the top floor loot the body of the Master of Conundrum for a final key to get to Inbrum. After you give Inbrum the scroll and complete the quest, go through the wall on your left and either fight or evade through one last round of enemies to get back to the first floor.


  • Shield of Power (Given by Plum on the left):
    • +1 all elements
    • -3 all melee
  • Shield of Arts (Given by Thip on the right):
    • +1 all magical arts

A List of Riddles

This section is still a Work in Progress.

Riddle Answer
A leathery snake with a stinging bite,

I'll stay coiled up unless I must fight.

I'm so simple I only point, yet I guide people all over the world. What am I? A compass.
I bubble and laugh and spit water in your face,

I am no lady and I don't wear lace. What am I?

I really must get a new watch. The only one I have loses exactly 20 minutes every hour.

It now shows 4:00am and I know that it was correct at midnight, when I last set it.

I happen to know that the watch stopped four hours ago, so what is the correct time now?

10 am
You must keep it after giving it. Your word
What does this equation simplify to?


The man who made it didn't want it.

The man who bought it didn't need it.

The man who got it didn't know it. What is it?


What is greater than god, worse than the devil, dead men eat it, if you eat it you'll die. What is it?


At my hind there is a rope
On my head a fan,
Beside my mouth are two sharp spears
And my tree-legs are rough on your hands.
Beside all this is one great wall
A snake adorns my head at all times,
and it is a part of me
And it always will be. What am I?



In the middle of a round pool lies a beautiful water lily.

The water-lily doubles in size every day. After exactly 20 days
the complete pool will be covered by the lily. After how many days will
half of the pool be covered by the water-lily?


The only tool which sharper grows Whenever used in any row.


A plane maintains an average speed of 696mph from London to New York.
It then returns from New York to London at an average speed of 145 mph.
What is the average speed for the entire journey?


A car travelled from london at a speed of 40 mph. its fuel consumption was 30 mpg. It had a 5 gallon tank which was full when it started, but at that very moment began to leak fuel. After 60 miles the car stopped with a completely empty tank. How many gallons per hour was it losing?


A local country bus service travels from Biddulph to Leek. Along the way the bus stops at 10 different places. So, in total, there are 12 stops including the start and end stops. How many different tickets can be given out by the bus driver. For example, Biddulph to Leek, Rushton to Leek, Biddulph to Rushton, etc.


Last week I bought a word processor small enough to fit in my pocket. It can write in any language and also add, multiply, subtract, divide. It has a delete facility that will correct any error made and no electricity or batteries are required to operate it. Amazingly, it only cost me 25 cents. Why? Because I bought a...


I'm often held, yet rarely touched;
I'm always wet, yet never rust;
I' sometimes wagged and sometimes bit;
To use me well, you must have wit.

It's always above the negatives yet it's lower than the first prime,

no matter how you multiply it's the same every time.


The shape of my form will waver and bend,
From the things I'm destroying
and the things I will rend.
My color will vary from bright red and blue,
The power I'm using will dictate my hue.
What am I?


It stands alone, with no bone or solid form.
Adamant, it prospers never wrong, though hurt it may.
Twistable, malleable, might it be, but always straight as an arrow.
What is it?


If a man carried my burden, he would break his back.
I am not rich, but leave silver in my track. What am I?


A snail is at the bottom of a 20 meters deep pit.
Every day the snail climbs 5 meters upwards, but at night it slides
4 meters back downwards. How many days does it take before the
snail reaches the top of the pit?

What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in a thousand years? letter m

At dawn on Monday a snail fell into a bucket that was 12 inches deep.
During the day it climbed up 3 inches, however, during the night it fell back 2 inches.
On what day did the snail finally manage to climb out of the bucket?


What has a coat? Hugs you not in sympathy?
Whose smile you'd rather not see? Whose
stands is a terrible thing to see? Who is
that brave men run away from? Whose fingers are clawed?
Whose sleep lasts for months?
And who's company we shun? What is it?


A box without hinges, key or lid,
Yet golden treasure inside is hid.
What am I?


You break it even if you name it! What is it?


If you give each letter of a word into its alphabetical position,
you can then add these digits, or you can multiply them. For example,
CART = 3, 1, 8, 20. Adding gives 42 and multiplying gives 1080. Can
you find a word which has the same total whether you add them or multiply them?


Of all the numbers whose literal representations in capital letters consists only of straight line segments (for example, FIVE), only one number has a value equal to the number of segments used to write it. Which number has this property?

twenty nine

What is it that after you take away the whole, some still remains?


The surface area of a spherical balloon measured in square inches is the same as its volume, measured in cubic inches

6 inches

What comes next in this sequence: elgnairt, erauqs, nogatnep, nogaxeh, nogatpeh...


They are many and one, they wave and they drum, Used to cover a state, they go with you everywhere.


It is a tolling of the night.
When all is still.
And the wind whispers near the mill.
Twas struck twelve times!
And his voice rang out!
And then, it was stilled.


What goes through the door without pinching itself?
What sits on the stove without burning itself?
What sits on the table and is not ashamed?


Five siblings are they, their color is true;
One belongs to one, four are shared by two.
Connected together, some by locks;
Many meet their fate upon the rocks.
Arrange their initials, and you should
Find things that are found in a neighborhood.

great lakes

Glittering point,
That downward thrust,
Sparkling spears,
That never rust.
What am I?


Shifting, Shifting, Drifting deep.
Below me great and mighty cities sleep.
Swirling, curling, all around.
I'm only where no water will be found.
What am I?


Has a mouth but does not speak,
has a bed but never sleeps.
What is it?


If today is Friday, what is the day that follows the day that comes after the day that precedes the day before yesterday?


What is it you have to answer?
But to answer you have to ask?
And to ask you have to speak?
And to speak you have to know the answer.


With this you can do wonderous things.
Look at things close, or far away,
You can see things big,
Or you can see things small.
Or maybe you don't see things at all.
I come in many colors and hues,
Sometimes green and sometimes blue.
And when I'm red - it's not from shame,
But from something with a different name.
What are they?


What is not enough for one,
Just right for two,
Too much for three?
What is it?


Turn us on our backs and open up our stomachs.
You will be the wisest of men, though at start a lummox.
What am I?


What is the hidden country in this sentence:
If a Dalmatian can catch four balls in four minutes, can a Dalmatian catch two balls in two minutes?


What comes next in this sequence:
Hydrogen Helium Lithium Beryllium Boron ==?==


A part of heaven,
Though it touches the earth.
Some say it's valuable,
Others - no worth.
What am I?

They were made for a fairy queen's feet.

To cover them and keep them tidy, and neat. A flower, of various sizes and hues,
Their name is the opposite of a grown man's shoes.

lady slippers

I've been to more countries than you'll ever see. I've been to church every Sunday. I've been folded, pressed, even stuffed inside leather. I've been dreamt about, coveted, and fought over. People want me, yet despise me. I have no true purpose except to travel. I have no true mission in life except to be given and taken. I have no true identity since I am but a clone. I have no true name since I bear only the names of others. People see my face and see another's face as well. I am life to some. I am death to others. I am common as grass. I am sometimes as rare as the perfect sunset. People rely on me more than almost anything else.

What am I?


Upon me you can tread though softly under cover And I will take you places that you have yet to discover Im high and Im low though flat in the middle And though a joy to the children adults think of me little


Part pickle, part crazy,
You can't call this flower lazy.
It perks its head up with a snout
And if it had a voice - I'm sure it'd shout.


Pull with all your might, only a whistle you'll gain but almost out of sight, someone may shrink in pain.

A bow and arrow (maybe try just bow or arrow)

Welsh horses are my favourite animal. Tapir, llama, marmoset and elephant closely follow. I don't care much for English rabbits nor ocelot, adders, goldfish and spaniels.


I bend my limbs to the ground. I cry, yet without a sound. let me drink of waters deep. And in silence i will weep. what am i?

Weeping Willow

Where can you find August before July?


I am a strange creature. Hovering in the air, Moving from here to there, With a brilliant flare. Some say I sing, But others say I have no voice. So I just hum - as a matter of choice. What am I?


This thing all things devours: Birds, beat,trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel; Grinds hard stones to meal; Slays king, ruins town, And beats high mountains down. What is it?


Deep as a bowl, round as a cup, Yet all the world's oceans can't fill it up. What is it?


A riddle, easily solved. Red breasted. Only one in a field of many. Born in an egg. Inspired to sing, what am I?


(Not exact wording) Two people leave a town, one in a car, another on a bicycle. The car brakes down, and a farmer picks that person up. Who gets there first?

The bicyclist

The wise and knowledgeable main is sure of it. Even the fool knows it. The rich man wants it. The greatest of heroes fears it. Yet the lowliest of cowards would die for it. What is this upon which I ponder?


If you break me
I do not stop working,
If you touch me
I may be snared,
If you lose me
Nothing will matter. (The answer should be "your heart" but it is not)

Your a heart

My life can be measured in hours,
I serve by being devoured.
Thin, I am quick
Fat, I am slow
Wind is my foe.
What am I?


I can be moved. I can be rolled. But nothing will I hold. I'm red and I'm blue, and I can be other colors too. Having no head, though similar in shape. I have no eyes - yet move all over the place.


Julia is as old as John will be when Julia is twice as old as John was when Julia's age was half the sum of their present ages. John is as old as Julia was when John was half the age he will be 10 years from now. How old are John and Julia?


I know a word of letters three. Add two, and fewer there will be. What is it?


Looks like water, but it's heat.
Sits on sand, lays on concrete.
People have been known,
To follow it everywhere.
But it gets them no place,
And all they can do is stare.






It's always 1 to 6,
it's always 15 to 20,
it's always 5,
but it's never 21,
unless it's flying.
What is this?


I got it in a forest, but didn't want it.
Once I had it, I couldn't see it.
The more I searched for it, the less I liked it.
I took it home in my hand because I could not find it.
What was it?


Voiceless it cries, Wingless it flutters, Toothless bites, Mouthless mutters. What am I?


Runs smoother than any rhyme, loves to fall but can not climb! What is it?


I am full of shimmer and shine. Every color of the rainbow shows yet I am clear. When I appear there is fun for all, but I always disappear. What am I?

A hill full, a hole full, can't catch a bowl full. fog
You can see nothing else when you look in my face. I will look you in the eye and I will never lie. What am i? mirror
I was born blind,

And could not see, Until it was a quarter of three. I could not smile, Til half past six, And all of my arms and legs Were made of sticks.

Sleeping during the day, I hide away.

Watchful through the night, I open at dawn's light. But only for the briefest time, do I shine. And then I hide away. And sleep through the day.

Morning glory
Colored as a maiden tweaked, time was naught when I began; through the garden I was sneaked, I alone am the fall of man. What am I? Apple
What has wings, but can not fly.

Is enclosed, but can outside also lie. Can open itself up, Or close itself away. Is the place of kings and queens, And doggerel of every means. What is it upon which I stand? Which can lead us to different lands.

Tall she is, and round as a cup,

Yet all the king's horses Can't draw her up.

My timpani play a rhythmic song,

With hammer on anvil I play along. Down my canal no ship sets course, And I have a stirrup that fits no horse.

What am I?

Many years ago, a cruise liner sank in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The survivors luckily landed on a remote desert island.

There was enough food for the 135 people to last four weeks.

Nine days later a rescue ship appeared, unluckily this ship also sank, leaving an additional 36 people stranded on the island to now share the original rationed food.

The food obviously had to be re-rationed, everyone was now on three-quarters of the original ration, so how many days in total would the food last, from the day of the original sinking?

The part of the bird, that is not in the sky,

Which can swim in the ocean and always stay dry. What is it?

Some have flown over land and sea,

To plot where things are to create me, Filled with squares either green or blue, If you need to know where to go, I'm true Through me you can see every hill and fen, So tell me, what am I, then?

This thing is many things.

It is joyful, It is quiet, It is bubbling, It is roaring, It can jump, And it can sit. It can whisper, And it can drip. What is it of which I speak? What is it which can be both shallow and deep?

I've little strength, but mighty powers;

I guard small hovels and great towers. But if perchance my master leaves, He must ensure he safeguards me.

Each morning I appear

To lie at your feet, All day I will follow No matter how fast you run, Yet I nearly perish In the midday sun.

I'm not really more than holes tied to more holes; I'm strong as good steel, though not as stiff as a pole. What am I? chain
Daniel, my son, is exactly one fifth of my age. In 21 years time, I will be exactly twice his age. My wife is exactly seven times older than my daughter, Jessica. In 8 years time, my wife will be three times older then Jessica. How old is Jessica now? 4
Here is a well known proverb with the consonants removed. What is the proverb?

A **i*** i* *i*e *a*e* *i*e.

A stitch in time saves nine
What grows on a tree,

Scares a robber, and has travelled the far seas?

Oh how I love my dancing feet! They stay together - oh so neat. And when I want to walk a line, They all stay together and do double time. I count them up, ten times or more, And race on-off, across the floor. What am I? centipede
Yesterday evening, Helen and her husband invited their neighbours (two couples) for a dinner at home. The six of them sat at a round table. Helen tells you the following:

"Victor sat on the left of the woman who sat on the left of the man who sat on the left of Anna. Esther sat on the left of the man who sat on the left of the woman who sat on the left of the man who sat on the left of the woman who sat on the left of my husband. Jim sat on the left of the woman who sat on the left of Roger. I did not sit beside my husband." What is the name of Helen's husband?

My tines are long. My tines are short. My tines end ere. My first report. What am I? lightning