Treasures of the Pyramid

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Help Professor Baruti of the University of Jbel explore the pyramids to prove his theory. There are many riches to be found there., but many dangers, too. The city of Jbel can be reached from Bandar Gaah, via the east road.


Some of the stronger enemies you'll face include Shogoths, Firedrakes, Sand Demons, Skulls, Giant Mummy, Kalidemons, Brown dragons, RD monsters, and God of Chaos.

How to Solve

WyvernSource Guide

1. Go Bandarr Gaah and travel east once inside city to get to Jbel.

2. Prfoessor Baruti is in the middle or lower house of the three faculty housing buildings located up the right stairway.

3. After talking to him, head back to the entance of Jbel and then go up the left stairway to the Temple of Sokar.

4. Talk to the student who will say the lost a key and mention either "north"or"south". Note which when he says . 5. Go down the hole and through the maze to find 2 stairway. Go down the one the student mentioned (i.e. north or south").

6. Proceed down 10 floors until you get to the room with pillars and grab the key and go back.

7. Once out, go back down the stairs one map and enter the bottom left house. Get the key and scroll form the locked room.

8. Go to Bandar Gaah and head north through the gatehouse and up 3 maps.

9. Head east through the 2 palm trees and east once more. Talk to NPC and grab map from his tent.

10. Head back to Bandar Gaah, but go west just before returning to the gatehouse. Enter the left pyramid.

11. Go through the two maze floors and the stairs. There may be one Barrieh in the maze and two more guarding the room with the stairway that you can run past if you can't kill them. Go down the RD about 10 floors until you come to a room with a key. Grab it.

12. Once in the Deep Chamber head east. Once you enter a room with stair to the north and a lightning trap a head becareful. This room has invisible floors and you will keep falling. The map the NPC gave you will show you the correct path or follow these instructions. Letters indicate North, South, East, and West. If on PC the mouse makes it easier. Go through the middle. Stop 1 space after the lightning trap. Move NE, SE , E 2, S 3 SE, NE, SE, E 7, NE, NW, W 2, NW, NE, NW, N, NE, E, NE, SE, NE, E 2 and on to the levers.

13. Activate all but the 2nd and 3rd levers from top to bottom.

14. Next is the boss fight. It's a God and it's very tough. You can just run passed it and activate the two levers on each right side corner. You may have to click on them to move diagonally in. Then enter the room behind the sarcophagus. Get the cat statue and everything else you want and then go back to the professor to complete it.

Professor Baruti's house
House with locked door inside
Use 'unlock' command
Inside tent + map




Brown Dragon

Giant Mummy


Undead Priest

Sand Demon


RD monsters