Troglodyte Quest

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The Magic Man has take the Trogdolyte King's favorite rock! Go to the most norther area of Davos and enter the enormous crevice to start this quest.

Before You Start

  • There are quite a few traps in the rooms--spiked pits, rock traps, etc.
  • You will be fighting troglodytes.
  • Keep track of the doors you've already been through, as not to search through them again.

How to Solve

WyvernSource Guide

  1. You will want to find your way to Davos. If you have accepted the quest from the Mission Board in the Adventurer's Guild, follow the compass at the top of screen. If not, assuming you are starting from New Verden, head North through the city gates. You will find yourself on the World Map.
  2. Now, follow King's Road (grey path) up until you reach a dirt path perpendicular to the road (left side). Follow the dirt path and you will reach the town of Davos. Enter.
  3. Go east over the bridge and up into the city. Continue north for two maps, until you reach a map with fog ("Ruined Castle" is the name of the area -- type "where" if you are uncertain where you are).
  4. Go left and you will see an enormous crevice. Enter.
  5. Once inside, travel north through the corridors, until you enter the Troglodyte King's lair. He will tell you that the Magic Man has taken his most prized possession--a rock. There are seven doors, excluding the door you came from. Each of these doors will take you to a map that looks like a liking area fro Troglodytes. Explore each of these maps until you find a hole in the wall leading to a second map. You will receive a message once you enter this area about how your character sees the Magic man getting away; don't pay any mind to the message.
  6. In one of these seven possible areas, you will see a brown rock on the ground, named "Troglodyte King's favorite rock." You do not need to use the raft to cross the water or go in the water at all. The rock is brown, and blends in with the sand. When you find it, pick it up and return to the room with the Troglodyte King. Tap on him to finish the quest.
The town of Davos as shown on the World Map.
Once in the city, you'll want to head north for two maps.
The Enormous Crevice you will want to enter.
Up North will be the Trog King's room.
The Trog King's room. Notice the closed doors. There are seven of these that may lead to the rock.
An example of the beach. The rock is NW one square of the pixie.