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-add in missing Monsters and info like loot for them
   -more elves?
   -new huge elementals
   -orcs and goblins
-add badass ranks to Monsters (+5 levels) or some all-encompassing information stating Badass means +5 levels
-add in missing RD's
-fill in Dragons section on Monsters
-add locations for Monsters
-fill in missing fields on Skills and double check formulas/descriptions
-figure out Healing formula and correct it on Skills (x3 per tick?)
-look at filling out more to Weapons
-go through Towns and Cities and overhaul the entire thing
-go through the Patch Notes in reverse and check if changes were added
-clean up unneccesary extra pages that contain two sources of information to help future editing and consistency
-run through Quests to add/correct quest info
-add exp section to Monsters (decided against this since EXP values may change for monsters, preventing future maintenance)