Wastelands of Bura Shaan

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WyvernSource Guide

Step 1: Go to the the map 1 south of the hospital, and enter the bottom middle house. Talk to Miteli and type in "barampur" when prompted.

Step 2: Go to the main castle and talk to the king, who will give you a key to the count's house

Step 3: Go back to the map from step 1 and go one east where you will find the count's mansion.

Step 4: Go to the second floor and open doors until your key twinkles and disappears, this room is where you need to go. Push objects around until you find some stairs downstairs. There appears to be a glitch where the key disappears as you enter a room and it's not the correct room. This may happen with either the lower left or lower right rooms. If you get the wrong room and your key disappears you will not be able to enter any of the other rooms. Wait 20 minutes until the Miteli map resets and get another note and start over. Recently the correct room was the upper right room.

Step 5: Go downstairs and pick up LeTreau's journal, which will have a password when examined. Possible passwords - SARACH VILD - imbloch - NALCH - BACHT VITACH

Step 6: Go east from the hospital until you see a gate guarded by a necromancer. Talk to the necromancer and enter the password from the journal.

Step 7: Keep going east until you see another castle and enter it.

Step 8: Go to the second floor, doesn't matter which stairs you take. Then go down a map or up a map depending on the staircase you took, then find the spiral staircase on the east end of the map.

Step 9: Up these stairs you will find a map lined with mirrors. Type "gaze" on top of mirrors until you find one that will teleport you to the next room. Incorrect mirrors will spawn monsters (skull, ogre mage, wyvern, zombie, energy vortex, greater fire elemental) so be careful.

Step 10: Navigate through the invisible maze (dropping silver coins helps here to get your bearings for turns) until you get to the spiral staircase.

Step 11: The next few stages are straight forward, follow the map to the next set of stairs. You will have to fight a room with wyverns, a room with a marilith and a shoggoth, a room with skulls, several rooms with medusas, until you finally get to the throne room with a skull and a shoggoth.

Step 12: Go to the throne and push it (or bookshelf) out of the way, then go down the stairs. You will see a coffin, apply it and fight count LeTreau. Once he is dead, loot his corpse for a key.

Step 13: Use the key to enter the map to the east, open the gate with the lever, and pick up the amulet.

Step 14: Give the amulet to the queen at the beginning castle and finish the quest.