Westerly Forest

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Something terrible has befallen a trader and his family in the Westerly Forest. Can you help? Begin the quest in the Westerly Forest just South of Athendel. 3 points.

How to Solve

WyvernSource Guide

Head to the Westerly forest, located almost as far as you can go west on the Wyvern’s chest (North of the mountains above Tournam, looks like an ant hole). Enter the map, walk past the family into the next map. You will see a temple, ignore it. Talk to every executioner and monk that you see, anyone can have it. Enter the all ant holes too some may have more then one NPC in it, but most have only one. Once you find the right NPC a prompt will appear for a password. Type in lunch and he will give you the sandwich. Take the sandwich back to the family and give it to the mother. Dangers include: Fire ants, pretty strong (level 5ish) melee, and can swarm you, as well as dust spiders and crumbs who are all melee. There are also a higher than normal number of traps of all kinds scattered randomly through all the ant holes.


Fire Ants

Dust Spiders