Wood Elves

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Female green elf.S.png Male green elf.S.png


Wood Elves are slender and agile humanoids.


1. helmet (crown, hat, etc.)

2. chestpiece (golden plate, robe, toga, etc.)

3. cloak (cloak of bat, elven cloak, etc.)

4. girdle (or sash, if monk)

5. boots

6. bracers (or wrist wraps if monk)

7. gloves (gauntlets, gloves)

8. 1-h weapon + shield or just 2-h

9. shield


Statistic Value
Hit Points 30
Hit Points per Level 3
Spell Points 80
Spell Points per Level 8
Base Strength 60
Max Autofire Attack Range 7
Skill Points per level 3
Skill Level
Ranged Weapons 4
Sneaking 2
Dodging 2
Meditation 1


  • See invisible at close range.
  • Limited Darksight.
  • +5 ranged upon joining Archer's Guild.
  • +35% damage when using bows (hidden multiplier)