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The Monks of Wyvern are in need of your help. The Wyvern Post Delivery Service is overwhelmed with so many letters to the other monks. They could use your help to deliver their correspondence. If you'd like to help speak to Brother Joshua in one of the small houses in New Verden.

How to Begin

Go to the tiny cottage west of the hospital in New Verden, then go through the gates in the cottage to find and talk to Brother Joshua.


The signpost at the entrance to the cottage says there are approximately 20 deliveries, but there are many monks that are part of this quest, and not all of them will be part of your particular quest.

The objective is to find each monk that is suppose to receive the current scroll. Given a scroll you have to go to the area mentioned and find the monk. Use the world map found at [1] to figure out how to get from one place to another.

Here is the list of monks you could encounter:

Minath: Kaleb (Cathedral), Joe/Leopold (Post Office at north end of city), Jonse (Hospital), John (Minath Castle Garden)

Glacier Point: Germain (Chapel), Paul (Visitor Center), Rathor (Department of Transportation), Cleo (Outside in Merchant District)

Rakshasa Harmya (past the Jungle Ruins): Horatio (Hospital), Anthony (Town Hall), Elias (Temple), Harth (Inn)

Stensele: Silas (Outside the Town Hall), Fred (Hospital), James (Cathedral)

Khaytsi City: George (Hospital), Angelus (Chapel), Bartamus (well inside the castle)

Havishfel: Phillip (West part of Town), Arturo (Hospital), Kupper (Cathedral), Cesar (Church in west part of town)

Varak: Tobias (Old Church), Will (Tavern), Todar (Hospital), Glurken (Fortress)

Fae Wyston: Jack (Outside Church), Franklin (Hospital), Richard (Chapel), Pembroke (Lower left corner of mages guild area), Pemberley (inn)

Almien: Peabody (Go down from the Royal Hall, the stairs do not work), Grapus (Tavern), Heber (Church), Balpro (Royal Hall)

Mist Temple: Glosia (2nd map in), Gladen (left to Glosia), Utima (right to Glosia)

Isle of Maiye: Juyl (right from entrance), Lior (chapel in hotel at the back), Andel (Top floor of lighthouse), Joseph (Lighthouse Boardwalk)

Westerly Forest (Northwest island from Tornaum Castle, entrance looks like an anthill):Mark (Temple), Nemeth (Trapped in basement below temple, if you get him he will be the last delivery), Abraham (basement of Temple, past the rats)

Bandar Gaah: Hospital, Tubor (Church), Junias (Gates to the North), Jonathan (through the gates to the north then go east)

Davos: Jacob (North ruins, abandoned temple complex: bottom right corner), Solo (North ruins, abandoned temple complex: Top left corner), Matthew (North ruins: Top right corner), Benedict (church)

Jbel (in bandar gaah): Conar (hospital), Talst (church), Toby (west), Zack (left stairway)

Lirrka: Putnam (church), Edgar ( south), Luke (south in mine area)

Alaria: Adso (Tower of Sokoban)

Tornaum Castle: Salvatore (room to east of King)


  • Get a hot air balloon and use it to travel, but be careful not to tap endlessly to avoid going past your destination.
  • The list above is not exhaustive because you won't meet with every possible monk that is part of the quest. Generally monks that are part of the quest reside in churches, hospitals, and taverns, and never in houses or behind closed doors. There are some exceptions as mentioned above.
  • Keep a record of all the monks you find if you find yourself having to search every building for monks.


Sometimes you get bags from the monks, which always contain some type of food or drink and the scroll to be delivered but occasionally also a gem that could be sold for gold. Once you complete the quest you are reward 7 quest points and 2000 gold coins.