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Welcome! First off, thanks for viewing my guide. If you are here, you are either curious to what I have wrote... or you are new! The latter is my target audience here, made apparent by the title. However, for you veterans, if I have made any mistakes here, explained something in a roundabout way, or am slightly off on information please feel free to message me in game or email me at [email protected] with a subject of "Wyvern New Player Guide."

Without further ado, let's get started!

Just Out of the Tutorial!

Learning New Verdan

You have just saved Begynne Town! Good job making it this far. First thing you are gonna want to do is remember where that blue board is. That's the mission board and will help guide you through your first few levels in Wyvern. Think of it as an extended tutorial. It's important to complete these quests because you will need the quest points to continue leveling up.

-insert picture of mission board-

Now the first recommendation I have is, before even starting a new mission, is to thoroughly explore New Verdan. You don't have to go into every house and shop. I just want you to get a good feel for where things are. Find the magic shop, training hall, adventurers guild, newbie house, general store, and blacksmith. These are the most important. Here are some pictures with the locations outlined for you in case you are having trouble.

-insert pictures-

Healing For Absolute Beginners

If we want to survive in Wyvern, we need to talk about healing. There is a great guide Healing and Recovery - A Beginners Guide. That's a bit complicated for our current purposes, but it's an amazing read once we want to start optimizing our character and healing.

For now, when we are just learning to play, we have three options. The healing skill (yeah, the one we got in the tutorial), spell healing (as in the minor healing spell), or rod healing.

Forget about rod healing for now. It's gonna cost us a bit of gold and we don't have that yet. We need to look at the healing skill and spell healing.

Healing Skill: Okay, initially healing is great. Certainly so with the early monsters. As you start fighting harder and harder enemies, you will have to duck away and give yourself time to heal. This, in my own opinion, is such a fun suck. I personally went this route for my early days in Wyvern and it was absolutely annoying. My personal recommendation is to keep the one point in it from the tutorial and use it to supplement spell healing.

Spell Healing: I got some bad news for you. It's a mechanic called Bungling . If you read through everything in game up to this point, it tells you that you should probably grab the minor heal spell. What it doesn't tell you is that fancy armor you start with is going to make your spell fail fairly often. This is very counter-intuitive in my opinion. The armor isn't going to do much for you anyway, so don't worry when I say TAKE IT OFF. Yup, that's right. Unwear it. If it's not cloth it will affect your ability to heal, and right now that heal is going to save your life more times than you will be able to count. Get a point of lore and a point meditation. You can find the trainers on the first floor of the magic shop.

Okay, to recap this section, I recommend that you take one point in each of the three skills: Healing, Meditation, and Lore. Once you do that, go to the second floor of the magic shop and buy a Minor Healing Spellbook. It will cost 250gp but that is a small price to pay. Tap the book within your inventory and select read. You now know your first spell! To use it, I suggest you use the smart heal button on your hud. This looks like a potion. Now you are set to survive.