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Here, you can find commonly asked questions and their answers.


What is Wyvern?

Wyvern is a two-dimensional MUD/MMORPG game that is currently available on iOS and Android.

Who created it?

Steve 'Rhialto' Yegge is the developer of Wyvern.

Is there a Discord server?

Yes, there is: https://discordapp.com/invite/G2WQZEr

Do I have to pay real money?

No, Wyvern is a free game. However, players have the option to buy Wyvern Crowns by accessing the Wyvern Menu. Players can buy as little as 10 crowns for $0.99 up to 1000 crowns for $49.99. It is not necessary to have to pay real world currency to progress in the game. Additional information can be read here concerning Wyvern Crowns.

Is the game still being updated?

Yes. New features are added and there are changes constantly being made to the game. Most of the changes are server-side and do not require an app update.

Where can I find the changes?

The changes are posted on the Wyvern Reddit by Rhialto and here on the Wiki.

Is this game appropriate for young players?

Yes. There is a profanity filter in place, and the game is meant to be G-rated.


How do I level?

A player levels by gaining experience (XP) by killing monsters. Some monsters will give more experience than others. For example, killing a skeleton will grant more experience than killing a sheep.

Can I lose XP?

Yes. A player can lose XP dying. However it is possible to regain the lost XP by using a Scroll of Resurrection or the Resurrection machine. Bear in mind that the scrolls are rather costly and will most likely be out his/her price range at lower levels. In addition, some monsters are able to drain XP. A scroll of restoration will partially restore the lost XP.

Why do I keep dying?

There are quite a few ways a player can die:

  • Drowning
  • Standing on fire or lava
  • Poison
  • Traps, such as spiked pits
  • Recoil or splash damage
  • Fighting monsters too strong for your level

It is highly recommended to upgrade gear and train skill points in order to increase a player's survival.

How do I make money?

Generally, gold can be made by killing monsters and taking the loot. It is best to repair the loot at a blacksmith before selling. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • You are allowed to take anything you can pick up. Not everything has a value to the shop.
  • You can find out how much something is worth by taking it into a shop and typing "value (item name)"
  • In addition, investing in a few points in the Merchant skill can help significantly.

How and where do I train skills?

Skills can be trained at a Skill Trainer. Skill trainers can be found in specific buildings. For example, the Healing skill trainer is in the hospital in New Verden as well as in other hospitals. A list of Skill Trainers and locations is provided on the wiki. The more points you put into the skills, the more expensive it will be. Here are some common skills that are often trained.

Skill Description
Healing This allows your hit points to come back faster. You should build up as many points in this skill as you can unless you have other ways to heal, such as spells or potions.
Lore This skill allows you to learn spells. It is recommended you put one of your first skill points into Lore so you can learn the Minor Healing spell. This trainer is found on the first floor in the magic shop, donned in a red robe and hat.
Meditation A skill similar to Healing, but allows your spell points to recover faster. It's an essential skill for spellcasting characters. The trainer is in the magic shop on the first floor on the left, dressed in blue.
Merchant Gets better prices in shops, both buying items and selling items. Although it's an expensive skill, it pays for itself quickly. The trainer is located in the New Verden bank, wearing green.
Strength This increases the amount of damage you do with physical attacks, as well as your carrying capacity. The trainer is found in the Adventurer's Guild, specifically the Trophy room on the right side of the atrium.
Weapon Skills

Specific weapon skills include Sword, Blade, Axe, Club, and Whip. Characters that do not wield weapons may train in Unarmed Combat. Weapon skills make your character attack faster, hit more frequently, and do more damage. There are a few weapon trainers in New Verden, and some can only be found in other cities, such as the Find Weakness trainer that lives in Minath Elion.

What does it mean when it says my items are cursed?

Having cursed items in your inventory means you cannot sell them to shops, and if you are wearing gear that is afflicted, you cannot unequip it. Some monsters have the ability to curse items in your inventory. The spell is distinguished by red stars. In order to remove the curse, the player may uncurse at an Uncurse Altar or use the Uncurse Item spell.

Items can also be damned. The effect cannot be removed by an Uncurse Altar. Instead, a scroll of remove damnation can be used. It is recommended that one not equip items that are cursed or damned.

Can I play with other people?

Yes. You may "group" with another player as long as he or she is within five levels of yours. A group has a "leader" and a follower(s). For example, Player 1 wants to be the leader of the party. Player 2 can use the command "follow Player 1" or simply click on Player 1 and choose "follow." Player 1 will then use the command "group Player 2" or click on Player 2 and choose "group." Both players can cast spells/buffs on each other if they choose to do so.

There are more useful commands that can be used when Grouping.

Can I break or steal from display cases?

No. Items in display cases are only for display or for sale. To buy an item from a display case, you may type "buy (item)" without the punctuation.

What can I use starter crowns on?

Players under level 10 may use their Starter crowns to train Skills, up to level five for any skill.

How do I...?

Someone is in an area I want to be, how do I get in there?

Typically you'll get a prompt saying to 'ask nicely' or whatever. If someone wants into your space, type 'invite <player>' otherwise ask them to do the same. For example, if my character's name is Uncle Diddles, you'd type invite Uncle Diddles and that's that.

There's a creature I want to kill, but tapping it doesn't do anything. How do I kill it?

If it's a fish, or butterfly, or something else it may be considered an 'innocent' creature that means so harm. So if you specifically want to kill it you'll have to type kill <creature> to kill it. For example if I wanted to kill some fish that's in my way, I'd type kill fish and go on my way. Keep in mind that by doing this you are a terrible human being and you should feel bad. Very bad! Shame on you!