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Here, you can find commonly asked questions and their answers.


What is Wyvern?

Wyvern is a two-dimensional MUD/MMORPG game that is currently available on iOS and Android.

Who created it?

Steve 'Rhialto' Yegge is the developer of Wyvern.

Is there a Discord server?

Yes, there is.

Do I have to pay real money?

No, Wyvern is a free game. However, players have the option to buy Wyvern Crowns by accessing the Wyvern Menu. Players can buy as little as 10 crowns for $0.99 up to 1000 crowns for $49.99. It is not necessary to have to pay real world currency to progress in the game. Additional information can be read here concerning Wyvern Crowns.


How do I level?

A player levels by gaining experience (XP) by killing monsters. Some monsters will give more experience than others. For example, killing a skeleton will grant more experience than killing a sheep.

Can I lose XP?

Yes. A player can lose XP dying. However it is possible to regain the lost XP by using a Scroll of Resurrection or the Resurrection machine. Bear in mind that the scrolls are rather costly and will most likely be out his/her price range at lower levels. In addition, some monsters are able to drain XP. A scroll of restoration will partially restore the lost XP.

Why do I keep dying?

There are quite a few ways a player can die:

  • Drowning
  • Standing on fire or lava
  • Poison

It is highly recommended to upgrade gear and train skill points in order to increase a player's survival.

How and where do I train skills?

Skills can be trained at a Skill Trainer. Skill trainers can be found in specific buildings. For example, the Healing skill trainer is in the hospital in New Verden. A list of Skill Trainers and locations is provided on the wiki.

What does it mean when it says my items are cursed?

Having cursed items in your inventory means you cannot sell them to shops, and if you are wearing gear that is afflicted, you cannot unequip it. Some monsters have the ability to curse items in your inventory. The spell is distinguished by red stars. In order to remove the curse, the player may uncurse at an Uncurse Altar or use the Uncurse Item spell.

Items can also be damned. The effect cannot be removed by an Uncurse Altar. Instead, a scroll of remove damnation can be used. It is recommended that one not equip items that are cursed or damned.