Skill Trainers

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New skills can be purchased from trainers, located in New Verden, Minath Elion, and guilds. There are other areas that a player can train on the outskirts of the town.

New Verden

Adventurer's Guild

  • Strength Trainer
  • Sneaking Trainer
  • Dodging Trainer
  • Ranged Weapons trainer
  • Axe trainer

Magic Shop (Up to level 4)

  • First Floor
    • Lore Trainer
    • Meditation Trainer
  • Top Floor
    • Trainers for all magical arts and elements


  • Unarmed Trainer: Rosie


  • Healing Trainer


  • Spirit Travel Trainer


  • Merchant Trainer
  • Jewelry Trainer (Second Floor)


  • Blacksmith Trainer

Unnamed Town (Go through the south gate, then go to the ruins area and go to the map from the bottom left end)

  • Whip Trainer

Mages' Guild at Fae Wyston

  • Lore and Mediation Trainer
  • Trainers for all magical arts and elements

Minath Elion Training Hall