Goblin Fort

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Start at the goblin fort on the world map. North east of Minath Elion and south west of Stoneybrook

Apply the fort to enter



Entering the Fort

Go north
Take the path west
Go down the stairs to the sewers
Go through the sewers
Earth robe 6 a.PNG
Go up the stairs
Go north
Go north east

Go north east
Go north

Goblin Workboss' Shield

Bossshield.pngGoblin workboss' shield

Apply all the wheels to lower the gates. Go east
Workboss shield 3.PNG
Workboss shield 4.PNG
Workboss shield 5.PNG
Workboss shield 6.PNG
The goblin workboss' shield is circled here.

Robe of Rubble

Earthrobe.pngRobe of Rubble

Pick up the dirty robe, this is the Robe of Rubble

Ram Staff

In the same map as the robe there is an illusionary wall that you can pass through. Pull the lever in the south west.
Head east past the lowered gates and pick up the ram staff