Goblin workboss' shield Location

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Start at the goblin fort on the world map. North east of Minath Elion and south west of Stoneybrook

Earth robe 1.PNG

Go north

Earth robe 2.PNG

Take the path west.

Earth robe 3.PNG

Go down the stairs to the sewers

Earth robe 4.PNG

Go through the sewers and up the stairs

Earth robe 5.PNG

Earth robe 6 a.PNG

Earth robe 7 a.PNG

Go north

Earth robe 8.PNG

Go north east twice

Earth robe 9.PNG

Earth robe 10.PNG

Go north

Earth robe 11.PNG

Go east (west is the Robe of Rubble)

Workboss shield 1.PNG

Apply all the wheels to lower the gates.

Go east

Workboss shield 2.PNG

Workboss shield 3.PNG

Workboss shield 4.PNG

Workboss shield 5.PNG

Workboss shield 6.PNG

goblin workboss' shield is circled here.

Workboss shield 7.PNG