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Recommended Prerequisites

Getting to Hades

Start from Oxbow
Head down the path in the south east corner
Push the boulder and go down the stairs
Head south past the snakes
Head south west past the serpents
Head north west past the green dragons and hydras
Kill the horned devils, skulls, black pudding, and shoggoths. Note that the area circled in blue are no magic tiles
Head north after killing stuff
Head east

You will encounter a fork.

The blue path to the north leads to a shop.

The red path to the east leads to doors.

Head north to the building.

Hades 9.PNG

Head north west
Buy an obol from the display cases, return to the fork, and head east to the doors
Go through the doors and head east
Ride the boat down river styx
After the long boat ride head west. Make sure your fire resists are up
Head down the hole to maps filled with lava and monsters. You will need to head up 6 floors of stairs.
After making your way up 6 floors you will reach the boss floor. Beware the rats here know death ray
The boss monster failure is in the south west corner of the map. Note that it can summon cacodemons. Kill it along with everything else in the map.
When everything is dead, head to the middle south of the map. There are some stairs down to some treasure. Remember to dispel your summon.
Take your loot.

Chaos Altar

In the map right before Failure, there is a crevice. Warning. You might want to wear a Red Dragon Scale Mail
Kill monsters and head north.
Kill monsters and Head north to the altar.