Noir Skull Cave

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Recommended Prerequisites

Getting to Skull Cave

Starting from Noir's castle. Head north from the left path
We'll refer to this spot as the fork. First, follow the red path west.
Head north of the fountains
Head to the north west corner of the map and head west.
Pull the lever to the right and return to the fork and take the blue path east instead.
Head north
Kill the diamond golems and liches following the path and head west.
Head north
Head north following the zig zag path to reach the north west corner. Apply the skull cave.

Dream Eater Altar

At the bottom of skull cave (level 7), head south east.
There is a hidden passage that leads to a root ladder up. Apply it
Head north
Here we have a fork. Follow the red paths to get to levers. West, north, east and East, north, west. After pulling the two levers head north
Head north twice past the gates.
You should see the dream eater shrine