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Shops are where you buy and sell items in Wyvern. Shops will buy items for less than they will sell them for, however, you can buyback items you've sold for the same price the shop bought them from you for. As the Merchant skill increases, items will fetch a higher payout at shops, and shops will offer their wares for cheaper. You can sell any item to any shop for the same price; there's no reason to sell specific items at a specific shop. Random Dungeons can contain special shops with discounted items. Shops will buy Unidentified items for the same price as if they were identified.

Associated Commands

sell all
Sells all sellable (non-worn/non-wielded/non-kept/emptied-bags) items in your direct inventory. Does not sell items in bags.
shoplist <text to search>
Searches the current shop for the given text. Does not search multiple floors.
buyback <item name>
Buys back the indicated item at the original sale's price.
value <item name>
Shows the price the shop is willing to pay for the indicated item.