Unarmed (Skill)

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Summary of Skill

The Unarmed Skill raises the amount of damage a character can do without using a wieldable weapon (with the exception being claw weapons).

Melee Rakshasas and Nagas benefit most from this skill as Rakshasas use their claws, and Nagas may shift into amphibian or reptile forms and attack with their own body rather than a weapon. Rakshasas are also given 4 Unarmed skill points innately.

Rakshasas and Nagas never have to wield weapons to be good at combat (although Rakshasas can wield claw weapons for specific scenarios, but it typically isn't necessary).

Preferred Guild

The Monk's Guild provides the most benefits for people who train Unarmed. The Monk's Guild gives +1 to +2 Unarmed per guild level (maximum of +15 unarmed from the guild). In addition, joining the Monk's Guild provides non-Naga/Rakshasa races with fists with 15 smash WC. The Ninjas' Guild is also a good choice for Rakshasa as they get +2 WC per guild level meaning at level 10 they'll have +20 to their WC.

Equipment Boosts

  • Ring of Martial Arts Proficiency (+1 Unarmed)
  • Ring of Martial Arts Mastery (+2 Unarmed)
  • Ring of the Perfect Martial Artist (+3 Unarmed)

Trainer Location

For training level 1-5 in Unarmed, the trainer is Rosie located in the Tavern in New Verden.

For training level 5+ in Unarmed, the trainer is the chef on the second floor of the Training Hall in Minath Elion

For training level 5+ in Unarmed, another trainer is a monk found inside the Monk's Guild in Bandar Gaah