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The "best" weapons

the following are the best regular weapons most players buy. If possible, go for damage +10 weapons, and damage +10 speed +10 (hard to find). In order to see an item's damage or WC, you need a total of 8 skillpoints in the Blacksmithing skill.

these are not all the weapons in the game, but you can ignore most other regular weapons. If you want swords, stick to the three listed below - all others are far weaker. Curved knives, etc.. can also be ignored. If you have any questions, ask in-game.

This guide is for "what is the best ___?"

All weapons below can also be enchanted up to +10, for 1WC (weapon count) per enchant.

+damage adds 1000gp per damage, to store price (broadsword of damage +10 is 10550gp)

+speed adds 20,000gp per speed

hurled, polearm, whip, and blade weapons are not supported by a guild currently - that is, no guild gives bonuses in those weapons.

Item Name Weapon Type WC (weapon count) Damage type Hands Required Magical Effects Guild Requirement Guild specialization Note Store Cost
Katana Blade 20 cut 1 None
Rapier Blade 20 cut 1 None
Broadsword Sword 20 cut 1 Paladins check out the paladin store 2nd floor for swords with bonuses 550
Elven Broadsword Sword 20 cut 1 Paladins check out the paladin store 2nd floor for swords with bonuses 1600
Two-Handed Sword Sword 20 cut 2 Paladins check out the paladin store 2nd floor for swords with bonuses 275
Broad Axe Axe 20 cut 2 Axemen axeman-exclusive axe store in guild
Battle Axe Axe 20 cut 2 Axemen axeman-exclusive axe store in guild
Axe Axe 15 cut 1 Axemen axeman-exclusive axe store in guild
Crossbow (any type) Ranged N/A none 1 Archers +damage and speed don't affect your missiles right now. It doesn't matter if you have an xbow of damage - 10 or speed - 10. It's the same as a xbow of damage +10
Bow (any bow) Ranged N/A none 1 Archers
Woodland Bow Ranged N/A none 1 +3 Find Weakness Archers Archers
Bolt of returning Missiles 20 stab n/a Archers
Arrow of returning Missiles 12 stab n/a Archers
Elven Spear Hurled 25 stab 1 None there is no guild that specializes in hurled. no players invest in hurled
Club Blunt 15 smash 1 Cavemen
Heavy Club Blunt 20 smash 2 Cavemen
Morningstar Blunt 15 smash 1 Cavemen
Spiked mace Blunt 22 smash 1 Cavemen
Diamond Claws Unarmed 38 cut 2 Cavemen / Monk Only for rakshasas 5000
Hunter Claws Unarmed 35 stab 30 smash stab / smash 2 Cavemen / Monk only for rakshasas 10000
Heavy Staff Staff 20 smash 2 Monks 250
Whip of many thongs Whip 21 cut 1 None
Whip of flames Whip 20 fire 1 None 10000
Magic whip Whip death magic level + 15 base WC magic damage 1 Mage (it's a spell)
Unarmed (hands) Unarmed 15 smash 2 Monks non rak/naga races get 15wc unarmed when joining monk's guild

Artifact Weapons

Artifacts can be found from killing boss monsters in certain areas (demon lord, reaper, cacodemon, archdracolich), or can be bought from Artifact machines for 1 crown each, located in adventurer's guilde and minath training hall. Artis bought from the machine last until logout, and cannot be sold or given away.

Weapon name Weapon Count # hands weapon type damage type special effect
Annihilator 45 1 axe cut
Beastmaster 20 1 sword cut stay animal
Bone Bow 50 2 bow stab adds 50 dmg to arrows
Bonecrusher 100 2 blunt smash weights 350lbs
Bow of Accuracy 35 2 bow stab
Blade of the Djinn 50 2 blade cut
Bow of Blood  ?? 2 bow stab
Crimson Sorrow 40 1 sword cut +5 find weakness
Chain Lightning 30 1 whip shock
Demon Cleaver 50 2 axe cut slay demon
Disrupting Axe 30 cut 40 shock 2 axe cut / shock slay elemental
Demonbane 20 1 sword cut slay demon
Devil's Tail 45 cut 10 fire 1 whip cut/fire slay tiny
Devilsbane 20 1 sword cut slay devil
Dragonslayer 20 1 sword cut slay dragon
Excalibur 35 1 sword cut slay demon
Eye of the Storm bow 30 Shock Damage 2 bow shock converts ranged to shock dmg
Fey Foe 30 1 axe cut slay elf
Flaming Sword 50 1 sword fire
Frost Hammer 60 cold 20 smash 2 blunt smash / cold
Frostband 50 1 sword cold
Giantslayer 25 2 blunt smash slay giant
Hammer of Justice  ?? 2 blunt smash
Hammer of Vengeance 65 2 blunt smash slay human
Hofud the Sword 65 2 sword cut
Holy Avenger 30 1 sword cut slay undead
Jewel of Besar 35 acid 15 fire 37 cut 15 cold 15 shock 2 axe many!
Light Sword 25 1 sword cut slays creatures that drain xp
Ortho 20 1 sword cut slay bug
Orcbane 20 1 sword cut slay Orc-Type (Orcs, Goblins, Etc)
Orcus' Sceptre 50 2 blunt smash lvl 25 min requirement, slay demon
Platinum Crossbow 30 1 crossbow stab adds 30 dmg to bolts
Raven Sword 40 1 sword cut fly / +5 find weakness
Sawdust 35 1 blunt smash slay blob
Slicer 25 1 sword cut slay plant
Spear of Draining 50 2 hurled? stab
Staff of Striking 50 2 staff smash
Swift Sword 30 1 sword cut +15 weapon speed
Sword of the Elements 10 fire/cut/cold/shock 1 sword elemental slay elemental
Sword of Blood 20 1 sword cut slay human
Sword of Ego 40 1 sword stab
Sword of Life 30 1 sword cut slay golem
Sword of Lightning 50 1 sword shock
Sword of Mercy 35 1 sword cut
Spear of Purity 30 2 hurled? stab slay hybrid
Tempest Axe 50 shock 0 cut 2 axe shock
Vorpal Blade 35 2 sword cut  % instakill
Wicked Sabre 50 1 blade cut slay pirate
Claws of Sherekhan 40 2 Unarmed Magic
Claws of Taraka 30 fire 30 shock 30 stab 2 Unarmed many slays snake