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Monster Type Threat Level
Acid Blob Blob
Acid Hydro Demon (Badass 33)
Alien Miscellaneous
Angel Angel 26
Arch Dracolich Dragon 25
Archangel Angel 30
Armored Titan Giant 20
Banshee Demon 27
Barrieh Demon 20
Big Horn Sheep Animal
Black Bear Animal 15
Black Dragon Dragon
Black Knight Humanoid 19 (Badass 24)
Black Pudding Blob
Blue Dragon Dragon 20
Blue Jelly Blob
Blue Reaver Giant
Boneclaw Undead 20+
Brown Dragon Dragon 16
CacoDemon Demon 23
Caribou Animal 16
Cave Troll Giant
Cerberus Animal 20
Clay Golem Golem 9
Cobra Animal
Crocodile Animal
Curse Fiend Demon
Dark Elven Wizard Elf
Demon Lord Demon 26+
Demon Serpent Demon 20
Diamond Golem Golem 17
Djinni Demon
Dracolich Dragon 23
Dragonfly Bug 18
Dragons Dragon Varies
Dreadclaw Demon 27
Drunken Pirate Pirate
Earth Elemental Elemental
Elven Warrior Elf
Elven Wizard Elf
Enormous Spider Bug 14
Ettin Giant 8
Ettin Zombie Undead 10
Evil Ice Cube Miscellaneous
Evil Tree Miscellaneous
Failure Demon 25
Fallen Ashigaru Humanoid 15+
Fallen Ninja Humanoid 20+
Fallen Ronin Humanoid 15+
Fallen Samurai Humanoid 15+
False Angel Demon 9
Fire (Monster) Elemental
Fire Bat Animal
Fire Elemental Elemental 8
Fire Giant (Monster) Giant 10
Fire Giantess Giant
Fire Shoggoth Miscellaneous
Firedrake Dragon 11
Flayed One Undead 4
Flesh Golem Golem 7
Flump Miscellaneous
Frost Giant (Monster) Giant
Frost Wyvern Dragon
Frozen Dracolich Dragon
Frozen Lich Undead 15
Frozen Medusa Demon 22
Frozen Shoggoth Miscellaneous
Frozen Skull Demon
Fruit Bat Animal
Gelatinous Cube Blob
Ghast Demon 18
Ghost Demon 5
Giant Rat Animal
Giant Spider Animal 5
Giant Zombie Undead 13
Glabrezu Demon 27
Gold Dragon Dragon 28
Gorgon Demon
Gray Ooze Miscellaneous
Greater Fire Elemental Elemental 14
Greater Ice Elemental Elemental
Greater Imp Demon 13
Green Dragon Dragon 13
Green Elf Elf
Grug Demon 3
Gruglord Demon 12
Gryphon Miscellaneous
Harpy Demon
Haunt Undead 3
Hezrou Demon 26
Honeybee Bug
Horned Devil Demon 7
Huge Minotaur Demon
Hydra Dragon 15
Hyena Animal
Ice Devil Elemental
Ice Elemental Elemental 8
Ice Guardian Elemental
Ice Riagor Demon 24
Ice Vortex Miscellaneous 18
Imp Demon 4
Iron Golem Golem 15
Jabberwock Dragon 29
Kali Demon Demon 20 (Badass 27)
Ki-Rin Demon 26
Large Saurian Miscellaneous
Lead Golem Golem 13
Leopard Animal
Leprechaun Humanoid
Lesser Fire Fiend Demon
Lich Undead 15
Lion Animal
Liquishock Dragon Dragon
Male Lynx Animal
Male Peccary Animal
Mantis Bug 16
Massive Diamond Golem Golem 21 (Badass 26)
Medusa Demon
Mercenary Humanoid 23 (Badass 28)
Minotaur Demon
Mithril Golem Golem 15
Monopod Demon
Musk Ox Animal 20
Ochre Jelly Blob
Oculus Demon 8
Ogre Giant
Ogre Mage Giant
Oni Giant 15+
Onryo Demon 28
Panther Animal
Pest Humanoid
Pirate Pirate 3
Pirate Captain Pirate
Pirate King Pirate
Pit Viper Animal
Purple Dragon Dragon
Python Animal
Reaper Undead 25
Red Dragon Dragon 20
Red Mold Miscellaneous
Redcap Goblin 18
Riagor Demon 25
Rock Piercer Miscellaneous
Rust Monster Miscellaneous
Shadow Demon Demon 8
Shoggoth Miscellaneous 17
Silver Dragon Dragon 28 (Badass 33)
Skeletal Warrior Undead 6
Skeleton Undead 2
Skull Demon 8
Small Jackolantern Miscellaneous
Smoke Puff Miscellaneous
Snow Leopard Animal 17
Snow Lynx Animal 16
Soldier Ant Bug
Soldier Grease Ant Bug
Soul Taker Demon
Spawn of Grazuul Demon
Sting Bug Bug 16
Stone Giant (Monster) Giant
Stone Golem Golem 11
Storm Giant (Monster) Giant
Storm Vortex Miscellaneous
Straw Golem Golem 3
Succubus Demon
Titan Giant
Troll Guard Miscellaneous
Umber Hulk Demon
Unicorn Animal
Vampire Undead 8
White Dragon Dragon 15
Will o' the Wisps Miscellaneous
Witch Humanoid 22 (Badass 27)
Wolf Animal
Wolverine Animal 20
Wood Elf Elf
Wood Golem Golem 5
Wood Nymph Demon
Woodland Dragon Dragon
Worker Ant Bug
Wraith Undead 7
Wyvern Dragon 17
Xipe Totec Undead 21 (Badass 26)
Young Purple Dragon Dragon 19
Zombie Undead 1
Zombie Dragon Dragon 15


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