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Falchion.pngBlades Sword old.pngSwords Tomahawk.pngAxes
Claws fire.pngUnarmed Staff of striking.pngStaves War hammer.pngBlunt
Gold bow.pngRanged Bolts.pngBolts Flaming arrows.pngArrows
Snakewhip.2.pngWhips Elven spear.pngHurled Diamond2HPolearm.pngPolearm
Shrike.1.pngArtifacts Diamond2HSword.pngDiamond Weapons Electrinum club.pngElectrinum Weapons
Weapon dispenser.pngRental weapons Ohabari.pngTear Weapon Sokoban Scimitar.pngSokoban Weapon

Diamond Weapons

Upon completing the Curse of Henteko the player can exchange diamond slabs with an NPC to forge diamond weapons. (Note these weapons are player bound)

Electrinum Weapons

Upon completing the Cult of Aquator the player can exchange primal electrinum slabs with NPCs to forge electrinum weapons. (All forged items are tradable except the pickaxe)

The NPCs can be found west of Ancient Vesimas

Artifact Weapons

Artifact weapons are those that can only be found in the corpses of random monsters in the game as special loot drops They only stay in a player's inventory till he/she quits or is booted from the game. Artifacts will always be wiped when the server is rebooted.


Weapon dispenser.png Powerful weapons can be rented for 4 hours from an artifact weapon machine. Artifacts bought from the machine last 4 hours and cannot be sold or given away.


Sokoban weapons are end game gear. It comes in 3 colours blue, red, and gold. Blue has 0 upgrade slots, red has 1 upgrade slot, and gold has 2 upgrade slots.

This gear can be obtained by: